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I'll be sure to share that graphic with my teen.


I thought the postcard was so funny. We live in Mandan, only about 5 minutes from that school. This is a small town and seeing it here on your blog made me realize just what a small world we really live in!!

Becki King

If I hadn't shaken the red clay dust of Georgia off of my shoes three weeks ago, I'd have sent a postcard.

Now, off to look at that meatball recipe.


I almost forgot to tell you that the video of your kids made me really want Tootsie Roll pops. So I bought some. And I realized the awesome thing about Tootsie Roll pops is they're only 60 calories and they take awhile to eat, even if you do eventually bite into them (which I always do). I hadn't really thought about them in years until I read your blog post, but I think they've become my go-to sweet tooth satisfaction.

So yeah, if you're an exec from Tootsie Roll reading this, you should know that Carmen's blog post = money and increased brand love for you!


Does he still need Massachusetts? I'm happy to send one from here.

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