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Happy Birthday to beautiful you!


What a wonderful assignment! I can't wait to get started! Happy birthday, dear Carmen!


Hope you have a great day! Please do something GREAT for yourself as we're treating ourselves and someone else, OK?


Does being in charge of the Girl Scout Nut and Candy sales for my town count as something nice? They are being delivered in a little over and hour and then I get to seperate them and wait all day for each troop to come pick up theirs. Not quite as labor intensive as the cookies sales in the spring, but it still takes all day.

I hope you have a fantastic day and do something fun for yourself also please.


Happy Birthday! Me and my grumpy self will try this assignment. I'll let you know.


happy birthday carmen. i hope you have a FAB day!


A very happy birthday to you! I hope you report back to us the lovely thing you are doing for yourself today!!

My good deed is that I will choose to not be mad at my husband for forgetting to make the coffee this morning. That qualifies right? LOL


Happy Birthday to you my dear friend! Have a wonderful day xoxo


I let my college algebra class go 25 minutes early today... that was nice for them, and for me! Happy birthday, Carmen!


I enjoyed a glass of milk, peanut butter oven smores (graham cracker, pb, mallow, broiler) and ten mins of peace n quiet while I read my blog roll :)


Happy Birthday, beautiful!


Happy Birthday, Carmen! Just turned 45 myself a couple weeks ago - it only gets better!!

Stephanie ODea

Happy Birthday, Carmen!!! oxoxxoxo

and Wendy, I'm the girlscout nut lady, too! :-0
those penguins are dangerous!

Carmen, I hope you had a wonderful, wonderful day.


Happy birthday!

I have spent the last week consumed by an enormously stressful and time-consuming situation, so I hope you won't mind if I do something for myself. I'm going to bed early!


Happy Birthday, Carmen! Hope it was an absolutely wonderful day for you.


Happy Birthday to my favorite blogger! Hope you have a terrific day.

Headless Mom

Hope your day was GREAT!!!

(I wanted to post here too so you got the trifecta of social media greetings. Heh.)


Happy Birthday to you! I took myself on a toodle around my neighbourhood. Enjoying the crisp air and cleared out my noggin.


Belated Happy Birthday!


Happy Belated Birthday Carmen! It's about time you finally caught up with us 'old' people... :-)


YAY! so sorry I'm late to this post but I followed through on the 16th since well that was MY day. LOL

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