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shannon Smith



Your mom sounds cool. And Navy medicine is awesome -- the number one thing I miss about military life!


I love nurses, having recently had a five-day inpatient stint that they made bearable. Your mom rocks!

Jennifer Romans

Grandpa would always tell me the story of you going to college to be a nurse and how you paid for it yourself.How proud he was of you for never wavering about what you were going to do. Im so proud you are my mom.Carmen you did a wonderful interview,it was beautifully written.


What a fabulous story, Carmen. I always manage to learn something new and wonderful, thanks to my blogging friends. We have a very close friend of the family who is suffering from lung problems, thanks for the chance to help donate to such a wonderful cause as the American Lung Association!


Very inspiring! Also very interesting to specifics about her career.

Although I am not currently working in the field of special education, my education has allowed me to be a support and resource to friends with children with developmental issues.

I have found my background especially useful in developing creative strategies for the children with ADHD who have been students in the religious education classes that I have taught over the past ten years.

carly g

My sister is a pediatric nurse for the Children's Hospital & Research Center in Oakland. She loves it! I have a lot of respect for people, like nurses, who give so much to care for others.

Rose Jory

Your mother is warm and caring lady, she was meant to be a nurse.


What a great interview & role model for you & your kids!


My mother went back to school when I was 12 years old with an 8 year old and a 3 year old. She became a teacher after graduating summa cum laude and went on to hold two masters degrees before retiring early to travel with her husband. When my dad left us, we would have lived in poverty if it hadn't been for her education and the job opportunities that gave her.


Wow, what a great opportunity to share your wonderful mom with us. She sounds like a smart and loving lady, like mother like daughter !

Kristen Carannante

My mom was a nurse and her best friends were all nurses, too. I believe some people are just born to be nurses. They are loving, generous and giving. What a special profession!


My college experience was beneficial to me, not necessarily in the education sense, but more in the social sense. I majored in theatrical lighting design and never really did much with my degree, but the friendships I had throughout that experience have lasted 15+ years. I would be lost without my "tribe"!


Education improved my life because I met my awesome husband and best friend in school! :)


What a great interview! Two things struck me - 1. That nursing is indeed a vocation, or a calling. And, that your mother found her calling at the age of 12. I think those early teen/tween years are so important for both boys and girls to figure out what they want to do. So many people that I speak to that are happy with their vocations or careers say that they knew that they wanted to be X when they were around the age of 12 or 13.

mary thomas lawson

i am so proud of you and that your my cousin you have helped so many in your life, and i know it is not a easy job as have have done some myself. and your joy in life with your friend and travel just want to say thank you


My mom, sister and sister in law are nurses too. Thank goodness for these fine professionals!

Ashley romans

That is wonderful! ;)


I'm grateful for the doors that were opened to me just because I earned a bachelor's degree! Your mom sounds awesome :)


There is so much to be said for higher education. It is truly becoming a must in our current society. The opportunities and benefits are ednless. The interview with your mother is fantastic. You must be very proud to be her daughter.


My mom is a nurse, too! She's been retired for about 5 years now. She was one of the best and it sounds like your mom is not too shabby! I think it's important to further your education, whether it be a class here or there or for earning a degree.


What a great tribute to someone who was obviously a great mom to have raised such a great daughter who is also a great mom ... and to learn about her "other" life is pretty cool! As someone who has benefited from the American Lung Association (as I live with multiple lung diseases), I am grateful to you, to your mom, and to BlogHer for making this opportunity available to raise funds for their important work. May you all be richly blessed this holiday season!


My Mom is also a nurse. My sister is working through her ?Nursing Degree at a Canadian Uni


Nurses definitely do not get the recognition they deserve. I think it is one of the hardest jobs in the world, and I've never been a nurse.

Mary Copeland

How awesome- Your mom is! A person who takes pride in their career

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