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Yikes!! I remember when the bathroom floor went crashing into the basement a few days before my HS graduation. I guess there was a leak or dry rot...it was an old house and my parents had just remodeled it. The entire bathroom needed to be replaced.


Oh my, that's terrible! I am having flashbacks to the water that came pouring into our basement a few years ago -- the downspout wasn't properly positioned and the window well filled up. What a terrible mess!


yikes!!! water and houses don't mix. I suggest we all go back to pumps in the back yard.

Headless Mom

Ok, I'll be the first to say it...

When it rains, it pours!

(sorry. I couldn't resist. this, coming from the girl who's washing machine ran over for an hour.)

I'm SO SORRY. That sucks big donkey balls.


We had a similar thing happen to us last year at this exact time. Fortunately insurance covered it, but it was a mess and so very expensive. Sorry this happened, but hopefully homeowners insurance will cover it. Hang in there.


Wellllll poop! So sorry about the water and the party and the mess. Yay for handy husbands though.

Emily C

Our family motto is "Boring is good." It's what I remember when I start thinking, "I don't have any good stories." Good luck! No fun.


You know that expression "what else can go wrong?" Never, ever think it or say it. We like to say "What else can go right?". Not that it works, but it sure does sound better.


Woooooohooo look @ MrMTTSM in a great photo op :)

Can you find your emergency water shut off valve to the whole house & show everyone where it is & how to use it? Then you won't have to leave your annual fun night out early!

What a bummer :(


Nononono!!!! Why do these things happen right before Christmas? And now, that said, I'm going to burn sage or something in this cursed house of mine...


Insurance covers the damage from a burst pipe. If it was a slow leak that is something that insurance gets picky about.


Oh, jeez, I'm sorry this happened now! I'm impressed with your kids for doing what looked like a great job in this emergency. I'm waiting for my furnace to quit, and it's getting cold!

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