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I LOVE this post!!! :)


One cannot pass up hush puppies when they are available because one does not know when one will come across them again......huge rule that cannot be broken


Yes , well - excellent choice!


love cook out! but really you HAVE to try their milkshakes, they are amazing!


You crack me up.


I got the hot dogs at Cookout and felt like the whole meal was too much grease even for me. I'll stick with Ben and Jerry's if I want a milkshake. There are plenty of other places in my town to get awesome unhealthy food.

But your husband? Lame. Why would you go to a fast food place and not eat the bun? Tell him that's a waste of money! There are starving people! And the fries are the best part.

Katie B. of HousewifeHowTos.com

We don't have Cookout in Kansas, but darned if my car doesn't do the same thing when I drive by Jack in the Box!


Ps just read this out loud to my hubby and we both got a great laugh over it.


Oh, my gosh! Had a burger from there right after Christmas and loved it. I usually can't eat fast food burgers, but it wasn't too greasy and I was bad and had a couple hush puppies with mine. So. Good!




-->Is that the new place on Military? I was wondering if it was any good.


Blueberry Cheesecake Milkshake that is all I am saying. :-)


Cookout is the best fast food ever! We got one in April (my brother had lived in a Cookout-laden town and was always hyping them up; we've followed their lazy drift South for the past few years and were very excited when ours was announced!). I love that the burgers taste like the ones you cook out at home -- and you can't beat the price of their trays. And all of their milkshakes are incredible.

I generally just refer to it as the Danger Zone, and have managed since the new year to cut our consumption back. But it's so good.

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