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a chicken suit eh? hmmmm and this was within the video recorder years? (oh relatives??) I'm also addicted to FB.

Guess who???

Guess what? Some things we do have in common, some we don't - but I don't really care much because you're my friend and I love for everything that makes you...well, YOU! xoxo

Headless Mom

The Breakfast Club is one of my all Time favorite movies. I can recite every line.


We are both fans of Charlie and Lola and Julie Andrews. I also never watch awards shows...never have.


Star Wars and Lord of the Rings make me snooze too! I watch a lot of TV though...definitely a guilty pleasure!

Neat post!


We have several things in common, but most importantly the lip balm addiction....can't be without it. You kinda skimmed over the turned someone in to the police thing...will that be an upcoming post?!


Things in common: hatred of beets, love of reading, love of music, not gifted singer, affinity for dresses and sweat pants, dislike beer, love garlic bread, not worried about ropey veins but am worried about crepey cleavage so that is sort of similar, we share our birthday, tend toward sarcasm

However I am sappy sentimental but can completely seperate emotionally during funerals and crisis situations.


I don't like socks! I wear flip flops in the house all winter long, must be my California upbringing!


The handgun surprised me. But I will eat your share of the beets and carrots if you'll have my back.


Some of those surprised me, but not many. Some in common, some not. I hate beets, gross, and I love carrots. Love to read in bed, am divorced and remarried. Doesn't matter, friends only need the good things in common - like never ever wanting to hurt anyone's feelings.


Lip balm, love to read whenever and where ever I can and I hate to hurt people's feelings! But likes and differences are what make great friendships!


I was once a big red chicken mascot (it was supposed to be a cardinal -- costume fail) for a basketball game. It was SO HOT that I didn't do it again...

With you against socks, for lip balm, and yes to spaghetti ...

Learned to shoot but hate guns and will never own one...

Love beets and carrots...

And I think Axl Rose is the best singer of all time.


I keep lip balms all over, too. I also read in bed. I dislike beets and am overly afraid of hurting someone's feelings. I already learned how to shoot a handgun and am not bad at it (even tested and passed my CWP). Steel Magnolias is also one of my favorites. Oh, and I too am bored to tears by Star Wars and LoTR.


Try the women's prison ministry. And I seriously recommend the Honda Shadow Aero 750 for in town and longer rides. The seat is the perfect height for me (I'm short though).... and I hate to say it I wouldn't trade it for a larger or more expensive bike because I know first hand if I drop this one I can push it up from the side and tripod my legs over it to hold it up to get it back upright. I can't say that about bigger or heavier bikes that are too heavy or too tall or too expensive. This one hasn't need any repairs and is very easy to maintain. AND it doesn't take up too much room in the garage. I love my bike.


I am a lip balm addict!! I try sooo hard not to be judgemental(One of my resolutions!)but I struggle. I am freaked out by varicose veins and actually have one and am going to see a Dr about surgery for it because I am vain....but the surgery freaks me out!! I love the movie Steel Manolias and Overboard> I am soo perfectly fine with my 2 College age kids and my ovaries do not twinge around babies. I am a smart mouth and sarcastic but also a sentimental fool!! I send cards and try to do nice thing. Kindess is impoortant to me. I think we have a LOT in common!! Oh I also am an exercise fanatic. I do some form of workout every day! It keeps me sane!!


The only true surprise was the hand gun. I agree with many and disagree with some. I will give you a run for your money on the cold hands and feet though. Mine are too cold for me sometimes. Love the post. Thanks for sharing. Chicken dance - you wanna demonstrate maybe?


-->I have music on at all times. Getting ready, cooking, cleaning, at work all day, in the car, in my head, etc.

Hate beets.

We own a hand gun and motorcycle already, keep me posted.


If I can't read in bed EVERY nite, I cannot get to sleep. I hate socks (and it is -40 with six feet of snow here) and I have to have lip balm too. Overboard is my favorite movie of all time.

But - I love, love, love carrots, not beets. And I eat too much spaghetti - cause I love it that much. Had it for supper tonite.

Turning people in to the cops - yep, been there - done that. Hardly watch tv at all - except for Big Bang Theory. Can shoot like nobodies business - but don't own a gun!

We should be neighbours!!

But, I live in Canada.....


I'm like you in the lip balm category - must have it handy at all times! I bought 4 tubes of Bert's Bees (my favourite kind) on a terrific sale today :) And I like to read in bed too - but I'm not an exercise person. And I live in Canada too!


I hated socks too until I discovered Smart Wool footies. Those things rock. I wear them with my Danskos because I don't like wearing lace up shoes. I'm addicted to lip balm too!


We have these in common :-)
>I hate to wear socks.
>I get seriously twitchy if I don't have a tube of lip balm every minute of the day.
>I'm completely fine with the fact that I'll never have another baby - babies do not make my ovaries hurt.
>I'm not sentimental for cards/books/flowers/ etc
>I love the movies Overboard & The Breakfast Club

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