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Can I come over? Sounds great Carmen! I'm preparing for a party tomorrow at my house and I'm taking a break from cleaning! I'm pretty stressed about how things will turn out but ya know what? It will all be fine. My mom once told me that when people come to visit you they are coming to see you, not how you have your house and if it's clean or not. Not to check out your furniture or see how you live...they come for you! And if you have people coming over for the other elements, then they are not your friends. Amen. So, my yard isn't up to my liking and I am barely ready, but I'm excited to host a party tomorrow and I'm going to have a few drinks and enjoy my friends!


I Want to come to your parties. I'm not like other families either, we eat out to much, mainly because I hate to cook, and even if there are only five of us, we are loud. Always have been always will be. I thimk I would prefer your type of party hands down.


Those are the BEST parties. Seriously. I hate stuffy, don't sit on my furniture, no one REALLY lives here, passed hors devors, polite dibble but not real conversations here please parties. I don't belong at them. I'm brash and sassy and snarky (in a fun way). I'm loud, dorky, and embarrassing (to everyone including myself because, why not?). If you can't handle it? Don't cross my threshold.

Headless Mom

Sounds like our house. No wonder we're friends.

Don't ever apologize for being yourself. You're the only You I know (unless you have a twin that I don't know about,) and I love you a lot. Don't compare what you have/don't have to what others have/don't have. I learned a long time ago that 'those' people envy you for the crazy chaos that you have because it is overflowing with love.

xenia katie

At least you HAVE parties! I think that's awesome :) I practically break into a sweat just thinking of having ANYONE over, whether my kids want to invite a friend for a playdate, or having a group of people over. Your true friends love you for who you are-- you are right to shrug off the snark. Keep partyin' and being you! :D


Can I just say - I wish I were more like you :) Your parties sound a lot better than the "other people" - more real, down to earth and all around welcoming. Dont stop being you.


So, my invite got lost in the mail right? This is the part I want to attend. Those other parties - I decline. Seriously, Invite me anytime. I will probably show up with a bottle of wine and some sort of sweet treat to share - cuz I do that. And we will have loud fun. :)


I prefer your kind of party. That's how my family (especially my dad's family) is, too. We go to my grandma's house and every inch of space is taken by aunt, uncle or cousin, we eat and play cards.... Someone will tell a young cousin there's a quarter stuck in a tree at the end of the field they can have, and if it's nice we might have a fire outside or play softball or have a tractor ride.

And I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Frances Lucia

Awesome and well said Carmen. I have always loved your parties, they are fun...we laugh, we eat and we drink...what hell else are you to do at a party but celebrate.. you are who you are and no one can change that.. if they have a problem, guess what, its their problem...


Sounds like my kind of party.


Many congrats to your very smart daughter - with honors yet!
Just so the haters know - you are one super terrifc Mom!
And your parties sound like a blast!


Sure, rub it in that you don't have rats running through your house, why don't you. Here on my farm, we call them extra pets. ; )

Your family is awesome, and so are you. Pretense is bullsh*t. I'd rather be at a *real* party anyday than some put-on show. And when I throw them, I cook, too -- I love to nourish people, inside, outside, and upside-down, which is what happens with the third margarita. It is what it is, and those who love me, love me anyway. And those who don't should stay the hell away from my parties. xo


Never compare other people's outsides to your insides. People may have a perfect exterior, but everything you don't see is falling apart. Enjoy yourself, enjoy your family.
Congratulations on the new graduate! She's done a great job!

Keep up the great work too!


I'm thinking you just live in the wrong neighborhood, honey. Also, coincidentally, I dropped by a grad party near my dad's house this weekend, and I spent the time thinking that that party (single family home with a pool, tons of teens coming by) was just the sort of party my husband would love to have, if we could afford it and if I could even REMOTELY stand living in a single-family-home neighborhood, which we can't and I can't.

The day of any sort of party/gathering around here? Crazy. But, hey, the house gets cleaned up.


Living in a smaller house, cleaning your own house, cooking food yourself for parties...that's most of us, those of us who are in the 99 percent :) I get money envy a lot. I'm doing well if I get through the month without having to charge anything, but I spend a lot of time with people who are considerably better off. But that's life. I enjoy their generosity, but I appreciate my cozy house. And the joy of finding a good sale.

Honestly, I'd rather go to a party more like yours, though. Subdued, quiet parties at super-clean houses with fancy food are awkward. Speaking as an introvert, I need a party host who is loud and chatty, or otherwise neither of us has anything to say. Most of my friends agree with me.


Sounds like your house is the kind of house I'd be so happy to go to a party! The other one, maybe for an hour :)

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

I have been to your house, I have been to your parties and they are always fun.


Sounds like the awesome parties are at your house!


I grew up in a household where parties were semi-formal - I mean literally. For every single one I had to dress up, for a party in my own home!! China, crystal, the whole bit. Classical music, lots of polite conversation, nobody loud or god forbid drunk. BORING AS HELL!! So then I married my husband, the youngest of 10, and went to Christmas Day with his family. And cried when it was over because it was SO overwhelming, but it was SO fun!! And now, I wouldn't change a thing. My parents have tried to come to one when we have hosted it and they can't get out of here fast enough.
But everyone who comes to our house, for Christmas or otherwise, says our home is so cozy and welcoming - not spotless, not filled with priceless art and expensive things, but welcoming.
You keep doin' what you're doin', Carmen.

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