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At 15, my daughter went from being the shy girl in the orchestra to being Rapunzel in Into the Woods. The courage and confidence to step out and create a different vision for herself--and be willing to put in the work to make it happen--remain her strongest assets today as a mother of three. Thank you for sharing the story of Mackenzie--and for helping children in developing countries receive life-saving vaccines! Thank you, Walgreens, and Shot@Life!


What a great post.

Monica T.

I so get what your mother felt about vaccines and how it shaped her views. Being a medical practitioner myself, seeing what I have seen, learning what I have been taught, I do think that vaccination is really important...
I wish you and your kids all the best. Hope your Mackenzie will be a great star on the stage someday!
Thanks for sharing and for supporting Shot@Life!

Ruth Diedrich

Sounds like your daughter is well onto her way to be a successful, mature adult.


Love the pictures! Good luck with the singing, Mackenzie.


My best friend's daughter is going through the exact same events your daughter is going through. She is doing extremely well in school, being recognized for her writing and artwork and as Citizen of the Year, and developing her love for music. She plays the clarinet and piano. My friend doesn't like to admit her daughter is growing up and I like to tease her about it (not having children of my own) but she is so proud of the young woman she sees in her daughter.
Thanks for sharing your story about your mother and grandmother. We don't always know today what children went through back then. We need to be educated not only in this country but in other countries where health care is not easily available. Thanks to Walgreens too - one more shot to save a child!

Neal Johnson

This is a wonderful post. Keep up the great work.

Delores Van Horn

Another great posting in this series. Sounds like you have a wonderful daughter who obviously was raised by a wonderful mother...and had a very smart grandma!


Thanks for sharing about your incredible daughter. No matter her chosen path in life, she sounds like she has tenacity to become whatever she wants. And thanks for keeping her and her siblings health through vaccinations.


great post :)

Missus Wookie

Isn't amazing how these babies we carried now walk forward on their own feet into their own dreams? Hope she continues to thrive.


Mackenzie sounds like an incredible young lady and I wish I knew her better. Great post Carmen!

pam pettyy

Nice post!

Kayleigh H.

Great post. Thanks for sharing. Great to include the perspective on vaccines.


Oh wow! Opera! What an incredible road ahead. Thank you for a fantastic post.


She is a beautiful girl and how amazing to be that dedicated to something at such a young age. Love to see that fire in people - I've never felt it and have always envied it (in the good way).

Tyler Scholl

Thanks for sharing :)


I've had the opportunity to know her as one of my younger cousins who I babysat, to growing to know her as the most amazing young woman who is now becoming a good friend =]

I love Mackenzie so very much and it meant so much to me and my sisters that she sang at the funeral. It was beautiful and my mom would have absolutely loved it!


Carmen, your kids -- and you -- never fail to impress me. You are an inspiration, mama. So is Mackenzie.

So glad that you're part of Shot@Life!


Great! Many parents now do not understand the reality and severity of the diseases that the vaccines are protecting against. Thank you for the story about your mother's family!

Wendy E

I have a 17 year old daughter who as a 15 year old also started to develop her love of music. That was the year she quit volleyball and started voice lessons. We don't have a school like you described anywhere near here, but she would have loved that opportunity. She now wants to be an elementary music teacher. We too have had those experiences. She hates shots, but she's gotten them all. So have my younger ones. I am a firm believer in vaccines.

Headless Mom

Good for Mackenzie for trying -and succeeding! at the hard stuff. That trait will take her far.

Mary Beth Williams

Well written! Amazing young lady.


Loved the post!


Great story!

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