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Sarah B.

Eating nothing, but drinking (home-brewed) Dunkin' Donuts coffee with Bailey's brown sugar creamer. Wearing khaki shorts and a SF 49ers T-shirt... and I threw my hair up in a ponytail just to get it out of the way. It's being done on Saturday, but it's still not good now. Listening to The Buddhist Monks station on Pandora (and the dog snoring). Last books I purchased (I've read both The Romanov Conspiracy and own Winter Sea!) were WHY Do They Act That Way? and Shadow of Night... and day planners for both kids. And I got Blood & Beauty for free from a Goodreads contest. I haven't purchased songs in ages, but I'm dying to get NIN's new album and have decided I need more jazz. I'm bipolar that way as well. This weekend my boy is going to my mom's and the girl will no doubt drive me crazy. I'm picking up my produce co-op basket and getting my hair done and probably grocery shopping.


Eating: A turkey sandwich and pop chips.

Drinking: Diet Dr. Pepper (to be followed by a very large, much anticipated coffee)

Wearing: Black dockers and a red top.

Listening to: My co-workers typing because the Muzak is broken (?!?)

Last books I bought: Gone, Girl; What Alice Forgot; The Homecoming of Samuel Lake

Last songs I purchased: Brave, Blurred Lines, Forever Young and two songs from Wicked that I was missing.

On tap for the weekend: Sleeing in, resting my aching muscles, a massage and facial (using up Christmas gift cards), and a long awaited, much need date night.


Eating a watermelon salad (romaine, watermelon,pecans and chicken) .

Wearing jeans, a .50 yard sale Talbot fall colored (browns, reds, greens) sweater.

My toenails/fingernails are pink glitter - courtesy of a neighbors granddaughter.

Listening to James Taylors greatest hits on CD - don't own an iPod - it's on my wish list tho.

Getting ready to buy Doctor Sleep - 2 more weeks).

Friday and Saturday are filled with volunteer goodies - including our autistic kids group fall picnic/hayride.

And - drinking my 4th cup of coffee today - was up very late due a sink clog and no time to snooze now.

I have a very, very good life, indeed!


Not eating
Drinking a cup of decaf cuz it's too late in the day for the real stuff.
Wearing work out clothes as I will be headed to sweatville here in a minute
Listening to the dog breathing heavily in his sleep - he is very old
Bought a book I am not enjoying and probably won't finish - need a new one
I want the new 5 finger death punch cd - just have to find it
This weekend I am making a long road trip to see my sister for a few short hours
Thrilling aren't I?!


Eating:nothing,but have chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven
drinking: water
Wearing:black maxi dress, glasses, bare feet, hair in a very messy bun
Listening to : sound of dishwasher running, storm has knocked out direct tv
Last book purchased: From Fatiqued to Fantastic
Last music downloaded: Kasey Musgraves album
Weekend: family pbotos at the beach, beach bonfire


Eating: nothing

Drinking: morning coffee

Wearing: pj shorts and one of my husbands tshirts(just got up, I'm in my pajamas)

Listening to:sports radio that is coming from my husbands office, my dog panting at my feet.

Last books I bought:The Execution of Noe P Singleton.

Last songs I purchased: Haven't purchased music in a while. Last songs I listened to on spotify were Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

On tap for the weekend:A long run, hiking, yardwork, watching football. Maybe out to dinner with the hub, phone call from the kid away at college!!!


Eating: Ate two mini bagels with cream cheese, three Kraft caramels and half of an overripe banana (bleh).

Drinking: water, since I have already maxed out on coffee for the morning.

Listening to: The View, though I have NO idea what is going on because it is just background noise. And also the wind in the trees - finally cooled down enough here in Chicagoland to open all the windows!!

Last books I bought: Ummmmm . . .

Last songs I purchased: I don't. We have a friend who loads up a hard drive for us monthly and we get all of our tunes from him.

Weekend: Date with hubby tonight; tour of a vertical farm tomorrow and possibly cards at my sister-in-law's house; and yard work.

Carmen - save your arm, but GET THAT NAP!!

Headless Mom

Totally stealing this.

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