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Truly never a dull moment around your life is there? :)


My drive is not long really, but made long by the insane amount of traffic. We are in by 7:15 and the last one gets out at 8. We have some amazing and interesting conversations going on as well. I love it and take advantage of the time I have with my boys....especially when one is by himself. I have the same in the afternoon.


One of the best things you ever wrote was about a one-sided convo with then-elementary-age Mackenzie on the way to school and how you just drive past the school yelling "Tuck and roll, kids, tuck and roll!"

I have a co-worker who talks just to hear herself talk, I'm pretty sure, and complains when we don't provide a constant stream of humorous responses. I'm not real patient at 8:30 a.m., so I don't imagine I'd do well trapped in a Jeep with chatty kids!

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