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I usually give granola or baked goods to teachers at Christmas, but this year I have a ton of baking to do for a brunch we're hosting, so I don't want to add any more to my list. Also, at least one teacher has allergies. Instead, I'm going to make this cocoa mix and put it in cello bags with pretty ribbon, and let the kids make the tags.

I also have apple butter I made this fall to give to a few people. I haven't settled on something to make for all my aunts and uncles at our annual Christmas gathering, but maybe the same cocoa mix...and something else to make little gift baskets.

My toughest gift recipient is my sister. She lives alone, and has her kids part of the time. She's a full time student and has been struggling with her health and working on getting in better shape. I'm considering a set of Zumba DVDs, as she can't really afford a gym membership and it's too cold in Minn. to walk outside.


I always think I keep it simple, but then I realize with 4 kids and a large extended family nothing is ever simple!
Amazon prime is my best friend this year. I stuck with crafts and books and got stuff for all my nieces and nephews in just a few minutes.
Every year we host a party to sell jewelry from Haiti, so I pick up some gifts and ornaments and the money goes to a good cause. Beautiful metal ornaments made form recycled oil drums at http://www.markethaiti.com/ (project run by friends of ours)
We have a coffee roasting business, so it's easy to give coffee as a small teacher gift.

This year I made herb butter with herbs form our garden and have it frozen to put into small jars for some gifts. I also want to try something like cranberry honey butter.

Jennifer I. Walker

As a teacher, I love it when my "room mom" or liason, sends out an email and suggests everyone pool their money for a gift card. I love this!
Everybody can give whatever they can, it helps reduce the trinkets I get, and it's super easy for the families.


What the heck?????
APPARENTLY your children have ONCE AGAIN forgotten that I am their favorite teacher... but I will gladly accept bread & honey butter through March 15th LOL

I don't buy any gifts that require batteries. You & I know they are the first to go untouched. I like to do gift cards with a few of the recipients favorite items to give it a more personal touch.

I love personalized items. Tervis has entire lines of cups with a bajillion designs, most customizable with wording etc. REALLY fun stuff if you love their stuff like I do.

I honestly stopped buying for 9273687364 people like I used to. I feel that everyone has so much STUFF and the reason for the season of CHRISTmas gets lost in the shopping madness. I'm relying more on making memories- taking friends to an annual Christmas lunch, traditions with the kids, DOING things together.

Probably not super helpful but those are my random thoughts for the day!

Headless Mom

I want to live there so KG, you and I can hang out. Just sayin'.

Our 6th grade teachers love starbucks so that's what I get them. Lame, but I swear they never have to spend their own money. I don't get gifts for the jr. high teachers because my kid doesn't really like them.

The hardest person on my list every year is my husband because the only things he ever wants cost multiple of thousands of dollars. Like a boat.

My friends and I had a talk about this at coffee this morning and I think I'm going to blog it instead of writing it in your comments. ;-)


Okay, another teacher here. WINE! Best two gifts I received last year. Coffee cards take a good second, and don't forget to have the little darlings write their card out...love! Thank you!!!!

Also, I always struggle for an idea for my husband. I'm thinking of needs rather than wants so this year I'm going all out and replacing his computer/brief case. I went with a Filson....best company ever! A little spendy but made in Seattle and extremely durable!


I purchase few gifts these days. Not like it was - more intimate. For teachers it was usually coffee cards or gift cards. Many of them have to spend their own money through out the year. No one ever complained. Oh, I gave a truck load of tissues to a teacher one year. She mentioned she was spending a lot on runny noses!


I don't have any teachers to buy for — but I do have a lot of relatives and a small budget. Here's what I'm doing this year: I'm making a small donation to my local animal shelter in their names. I picked the animal shelter because I know my family is passionate about that cause, and my local one is easy to work with. For teachers, you could do an education-related cause, and maybe to make the donation seem a little generous, donate $5-10 per teacher and say the donation is in honor of, "The teachers at XYZ school."

I'm a little worried some will be disappointed I didn't get them a gift card again — but they love animals as much as I do, and I hope when the next tearjerking animal welfare ad comes on TV, they can feel a little better knowing their gift helped.

Another idea for teachers, co-workers and others are those $10 Starbucks gift cards you can buy in multipacks. Also, one of our local coffee shops makes a fabulous holiday blend that is about $11 for a pound.


My area of concern is my mother. She is impossible to buy for because she owns everything.


Paper plates and napkins from Target or hobby lobby. They make generic winter ones with snowflakes, or christmas if you want them. We too have a gazillion teachers. I need help with assorted nieces and nephews, all ages, and the difficult to shop for in laws.


My hubbie has me all cranky about shopping for him. He does not understand the idea that he is not allowed to buy himself anything! and what does he do? ugh! He's heading for the naughty list.
As for teachers? I don't buy them anything. I am the Avon lady so there are hand creams which I've bought over the year. It doesn't take up a lot of space.
I'm positive the teachers at our kids school want ipads but a bit pricy.

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