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OK I don't have time for this because if I get on all the fun social media I will no longer have time to read you! So I sacrifice... but LOVE that idea!
And it's funny you say take more pics because I'm trying to take less. I caught myself directing my kids in a cute moment at Target- almost ruined the whole thing because one was too far out of frame, one had her hair all in hr face, the other wouldnt stand still. it took my husband to remind me that their FUN was about to be ruined with me barking orders to snap the perfect shot. So I took a few candids and put it away.
So yes, maybe more better unscripted pictures would be a good task for me!
Happy New year!


Happy New Year I'm still thinking about what to do about the New Year.


my goal is to start moving forward in everything - grief, work, blog, weight loss, etc. Even if it is just baby steps by the end of the year I will be happy with that.

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