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How are the 2 post high school kiddos doing? I believe your son was doing the police thing- how do you handle curfews,etc with young ones and almost adult ones? I ask because I'm right there with us!


I have 4 kids all currently living at home ages 10 to 21, so I like to hear about how other moms manage the day to day of a big family with all the ages and stages and activities-- while trying to take care of yourself and have any time with your husband (and I know you work for pay as well).
How do you plan life in your home to both young adults and young kids and their friends and their bedtimes?
How do you mentally switch gears between all the different types of needs?
I Know it's important to protect the privacy of our young adults and teens, but I like to hear how moms are adjusting to this stage of life-- how much to be involved, when to be tough, how to help them...


'm a single mom to an adopted 7 yr old from Vietnam. I'm always fascinated by your tales of the big family dramas/schedules. I'm also Catholic. I'm not sure what to ask of you regarding posting . . .but I really enjoy and am educated by what you do post. I'm currently going through the curriculum for first Communion with my daughter which also included (very recently) First Reconciliation. She cried all the way through hers-I had to go in and help her through the prayers. Any advice? I think she's horrified about confessing her "sins" . . . as well as being nervous about new situations. I don't know how to help her through this, though she seems to be excited about her First Communion. Any advice?

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Hello Carmen. I so enjoy reading your blog. Some ideas: What are some of your favorites quotes- Perhaps choose one day a week to post them. Do you know anything about saving money using Amazon. You are an amazing cook - what are some of your favorite recipes. What have you learned through facing your fears. If you could sit down and talk to any author who would it be and what would you ask. Eating disorders and body image for women and daughters. How would you support one of your children if they were obese? I do realize this is not the case, but what if? What have your learned about forgiveness - forgiving yourself and others. What do you see as the pros and cons of all the technology are kids are exposed to - cell phones - instragram, snap chat etc? Do you think cell phone contracts between kids and parents are beneficial? What are your thoughts about talking with kids about boundries in life- habits in bed time/down time/ picking and choosing activities. Just some ideas. What are your thoughts about having girls take self defense classes in highschool. Do you make any of your cleaning supplies from scratch? How do you save money at the grocery store? I am laughing as I type that because every time I try and save money, I tend to spend more!!!! Take care Carmen and God bless you.


Do any of your kids just get on each other's nerves? I don't mean now and then--do you have some that just bother each other-all.the.time.? I mean like personality CLASH. I also have six kids and I am at a loss as to how to "make" them like each other. Actually, they are old enough now that I can't make them do everything that I want! We talk all the time about loving each other, you will appreciate each other one day...but kids have their own personalities/quirks/issues, etc. and sometimes they just aren't very nice. Do you ever deal with that, too? Sometimes I think we must just be doing something wrong. :( But then I don't know how to change it.

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