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Headless Mom

Sibling dynamics are CraZY. Like, put me in the rubber room, crazy. Even my 2 (that are left at home) can't get along very often. Some days they can't get enough of each other but those days are few and far between. Just because you have more kids doesn't mean it's worse (or better) in the getting along department. *sigh*


My two have always gotten along, but have little in common. One is an extrovert who is always on the go, the other more of a quiet homebody. This means that outings or plans one would enjoy are often just tolerated by the other. Fir example, one loves spending the day wandering the nearby big city, and the other would rather stay home watching movies together. We rotate, but it can be rough.

That said, cutting remarks about the other are absolutely zero tolerance. Why do you allow it? Those comments can cause lifelong hurt and destroy relationships. In part due to her treatment of me, ignored by my parents, I haven't spoken to my own sister in almost 7 years.


I needed this answer. My younger two who are 16 months apart in age. OMG, they are going to be the death of me. The older one is just distraught that the soon to be adult child is leaving for college and leaving her ALL ALONE with their younger brother. She is only 10 and he is 9. I keep hoping by the time they are in high school they will be the best of friends, then they start fighting and I think OMG, when is it going to end. I'm glad they are not the only ones.


Thank you for posting this! My 2 kiddos are 12 and 10. The older a girl and younger a boy. Before the girl was 11ish they were inseparable. They played together, wanted to share a room even when they did not need to, etc. Now she is a tween that is pulling away and he is having such a hard time. I keep telling him it is not you she is a teen girl now. Ugh! Boy do I miss the old days of them entertaining each other for hours!


Thanks, Carmen! It's always nice to know that I'm not alone and there is hope! You're awesome!!


LOL! I have one that barely comes up for air from his basement living.

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