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becky d.

If/when I have kids, I can see this being an awesome service since you get to customize so much. I also love the idea of no commercials! And thank you for being a parents who stands up to the "family" and "kids" shows that have so many things that parents don't want their own kids doing in them.

Anne Marie

My kids use Leapfrog Leap Pads and an Android tablet. Sometimes they share, but we try to keep age-appropriate content on each device.
I love the idea of commercial-free tv!


Sounds cool. Don't forget to add The Cosby Show to your list - refreshing to have your kids see a show where the parents insist on being the bosses and don't hesitate to enforce their rules. Also? Hysterically funny, especially once you are a parent yourself.

And Get Smart - my kids love that one.


My kiddos each have an iPod. I don't.


My bigger kiddos each have an ipad 2, and YES, I totally agree that some of the junk that they see on videos is just awful! I have used Kidoodletv with my kids and they really DO love it... and I loved it much more than the gimmes that they now get from watching commercial television! MY littler kiddos borrow my kindle for outings and such.


I am definitely checking this out! :)

My kids each have a LeapPad for games, and they use my Microsoft Surface for shows. We limit TV time to only the weekends, which makes it much easier to not have a TV in the house. When they watch, they do have to share, and we take turns picking the shows so everyone gets to watch something they like. (Including Mama.)


My sons each have their own tablets.




My son uses his own laptop and iPod Touch



Jessica To

My son has his own iPod Touch.


This sounds like a great service to try out. And I like the parental control option.

D Schmidt

My children currently use my Husbands phone to watch videos, and an Innotab and a Leappad to play educationally related games! My youngest son is two so does not show much interest but my five year old is rather obsessed and they do share together!

D Schmidt


Lisa Brown

My kids have their own devises, inexpensive tablets.

Lisa Brown


Kelly D

My son uses a Kindle to play games and watch videos. He doesn't share it much with family.


My son is only 5 months, but I admit to letting him watch videos on the ipad sometimes. As for having his own....I'm going to hold off as long as I possibly can!

Jen S

My kids get to use my ipad and iPhone on occasion and the oldest has an iPod, but it is not connected to wifi (strictly music, games and camera). Love the idea of limiting show time and having shows on the go.

Amy S

We all share the iPad and laptop. :-)

Jessie C.

They use tablet and desktop, and share with the whole family
tcarolinep at gmail dot com

Jessie C.



My kids use laptops, an iPod Touch, and iPads.

Susan Smith

My son and daughter each have their own laptop and iPad.

Susan Smith


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