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Headless Mom

Oy.What a day. I'm glad you're home and I'm super glad that your next trip is for PLEASURE!


So glad you are home! I am sorry you had to go through all that. Enjoy your next trip!!


You are a woman! Way to stick to your guns and make that jerk take you to the correct terminal! I know it was horrible, but look at what you accomplished by staying tough!


OF COURSE YOU HAD TO PEE. That's what stuck out to me. I don't know if I am ever feeling rushed without also having to pee with no time to go. I actually read the rest of the post trying to figure out if you ever got the chance! I assume that you did, lol.

Jackie Parker

I'm with BeeBelle, Did you get to Pee?
Glad you got home ok! Complain to all Air Lines involved! You Deserve some free miles and a relaxing vaca.

Karen P

So glad you finally made it home! Our last trip to New York the driver asked where we were going ....JFK . He repeated JFK and then proceeded to take us from Brooklyn to Manhattan over the Brooklyn Bridge. I questioned why we were going over the bridge ....he seemed surprised we were going to the airport. Took us an extra 35 minutes but we made it on time. So sorry your trip back was so awful.


I don't enjoy traveling involving airports.




oh my goodness, Carmen! All of that sounds awful..so sorry.


Oh MY! That rude taxi driver! What a day! I'm so glad you made it (and that you got to have a relaxing trip to Mexico).

Karen Z

I feel your pain - I hate flying because of what happened to you.

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