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hee hee I hate those moments in the grocery store. Yes, no walk away. Come back yes, no walk all the way away. F**k it! Buy the damn things and be done with it. Make myself nuts.


snort-I have these same arguments (with myself) over "fruit" snacks ... And luckily-I will never be asked to buy these silly sandwiches cuz my kid won't eat jelly/jam. Only peanut butter. It makes me thirsty just typing that! Crazy kid .


I can relate to the arguing with yourself. I have been argueing with myself for a week now about whether or not I SHOULD spend the money to celebrate my graduation from college. Yes, seriously. You know, I think you and I think too much. It is okay to take the easy route once in a while, we both deserve it! Hugs my friend!


Seriously? these are a thing? LOL! So you can send PB to school? cool.

Mary Copeland

My friend- if you decide to make them yourself with your own jelly and soy or wheat for the allergies in the house and use your cutter I recommend that you mix the jelly and peanut butter together and then place in the middle of the sandwich. They freeze well and are just as easy to toss in the lunch box. I have done this as well. I have also purchased them in bulk from the Large Food Whorehouses (:) who names a store BJ's?)


I argue with myself in the store over food items, too. And I won't buy lunchables or pudding cups for the kids, but I will buy these. Yes, it's ridiculous, but they're not that bad compared to other foods (they even make whole wheat versions), and that little bit of time saved in the morning is so needed.

Plus I buy them at Costco in giant boxes, so the costs aren't that much more per sandwich than if I made them myself. :)


When reality and my ideals duke it out, I tell myself that those humility inducing moments are what makes me a kinder, nicer person -- not the moments of perfection. (They have the added bonus of being so much more frequent too!)

If that isn't working, I repeat a couple lines from Whitman's "Leaves of Grass": "I contain multitudes...I contradict myself."

And the "you could have more time to drink coffee" line? Your daughter is absolutely hilarious!


I think this post is just begging for the Smuckers PR people to drop a comment congratulating you for your common sense mom decision and offering you a buy one get one free coupon. Right???

We've all had those moments, and for me it was when I just could not stop thinking about a particular car that was more expensive than comparable cars. I lectured myself that the point of a car was to get one from point A to point B as economically as possible and nothing more. I bought the damn car. It cost a lot more than four boxes of Uncrustables.

And I've had those too, and yes, they are really, really good. Also, my mom was also the uncool mom who didn't buy pudding cups, and I was the uncool kid who got made fun of for bringing whole fruit instead of syrupy fruit cups.

BTW, I am quite impressed that you make your own jelly.


I recently gave in and bought a box of those things for a child who won't eat anything. One of the moms brought them to school and he has been hooked since. Still won't eat a homemade PBJ, but at least he is eating something.


-->I feel the same way about the little cups of ranch dressing or individual sized peanut butter. How lazy are we?
But when it came to my sanity, last year before baseball when we had a 10 minute window to change clothes and eat something before practice and games, I bought Lunchables. I hate Lunchables. But I figured it was better than starving my child and he liked them so much he ate them fast, which was key.


Karen Z

Good for you for giving yourself a break!

Headless Mom

So with you this week. Easy is the name of the game, including any means of making it easier!


Thank you for making me feel normal, again.


My kids are always telling me about the things other kids get in their lunches . . . I don't normally cave but sometimes I do just for fun. I have six kids so they can go through those things lickity split. I did cave the other day and bought a box of those sqeezy fruit things at Costco. I kept thinking "I can just put applesauce in a plastic container and send it in their lunch." Anyways they were so excited to see those things . . . sometimes it's just fun to do those things even if the expense kills me.:)

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