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I loved Unbroken and can't wait to see the movie! Been thinking about getting Mr. Mercedes, but there are a couple of others that will probably come first. I have a major summer project that is nearing completion and will be able to resume my reading again soon. Yea!


I read "A Tree Grows..." with my book club, and I did like it a lot BUT I totally get why you wouldn't. It didn't have a plot and it was more like an edited diary than anything else, and as such, it didn't really have a point that it was propelling itself towards. The ending in particular was therefore kind of a letdown. The main reason I liked it was that although my grandmother lived in a very different place than Brooklyn, her childhood had a similar kind of poverty leading to a wealth of experiences and it was interesting to me to read about it and in a way confirm the outlandish stories I had heard from her. LOVED Unbroken as well. I'm reading The Goldfinch now. It's huge so although I'm enjoying it I hesitate to make a final call as it could certainly take a turn at any point.


Am halfway through "Natchez Burning" and can't put it down.


So glad you finally read Unbroken! :) I felt the same about The Fault in Our Stars. I thought it was really depressing. I just read Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys. Set in 1941, about a family from Lithuania who are taken by the Russians because they are labeled "criminals". Really touching and well written. I also read Michael Vey: Prisoner of Cell 25. It's a series for young adults that came out 3-4 years ago. I've only read this one. I'd think your teen boy might like it. It was ok, not great, but it did keep my interest.


The Handmaid's Tale is among my favorites. It's one of those books I find something new in each time I read it. (Like Gatsby.) I definitely know what you mean about how scary it is that the society in the story is conceivable. I think that's what makes it so poignant to read. There's not much willing suspension of disbelief there.


I keep meaning to read The Handmaid's Tale - thanks for reminding me. As for A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, it is the one book I INSIST my daughters read. It is incredibly beautiful, the characters are lovingly drawn and remarkably diverse, and the whole book evokes that time and way of life perfectly. I do wonder if one likes it more if it is first read as a tween or teen, though. I had my book club read it several years ago, and they called the story sad and squalid. They felt SORRY for Francie, when that was not the point at all. So maybe a grown-up coming to it for the first time reads it differently and can't identify with the main character as much?

I read The Fault in our Stars and felt completely ripped off. Meh. Just standard mediocre young adult fare. I don't understand how grown-ups are loving it and saying they cried all the way through the end. I don't get it.


Love The Handmaid's Tale.

Have you tried Ken Follet's trilogies - one about the middle ages - the building of the Catholic Churches - the plague, etc. The next trilogy is the modern century... WWI and the second WWII... the third has not been released yet. Good tomes - but I would let a month lapse between and I glossed over the, eh-hem, many indecent pages that weren't necessary to the plot line.

Another GREAT read was Devil in the White City - you won't believe that it is mostly non-fiction. Really great book.

I also really enjoyed The Yankee Doctor. A great picture of life in the rural south from a boy's perspective. Very nice and easy to read.

Sarah B.

I tried Gabaldon's series and couldn't love the characters. I just couldn't. I have read three Atwood books and while The Handmaid's Tale is my favorite of them, I still didn't care for it much. I read A Fault in Our Stars and I agree with you about it. It was okay, not spectacular. I love John Green because of his Youtube videos, but the book was only slightly better than average.

The rest I haven't read. I don't know that I can bring myself to try another modern Stephen King. I miss his original self, back in the 80s when he was writing the ones that are basically classics today. Now it seems he's just another writer, and I find that sad. I might try Mr. Mercedes based on your recommendation, though. We shall see.

I've been reading many books on my Goodreads list: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/8185071-sarah


I have been hoarding the Gabaldon book. I pre-ordered it back in March. But as my tradition goes, I have to re-read the other books first before I read the newest. That's complicated by full-time work and full-time college classes with a lot of homework. So I've been re-reading on my break at work ... I started in January and only just finished a Breath of Snow and Ashes this morning, so I am getting closer.

Thanks for posting that it's good but not throwing in spoilers. School's out 7/31 for me, so I hope to have an Echo in Bone re-read by then. If not, I get to enjoy both in August.


i'm trying soooooooo hard to stretch our DG's Book 8

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