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becky d.

I just think I may....what a sweet remembrance!


hugs. I really like this idea.

Headless Mom

I'm all in! My kids will be thrilled too!


So sorry for your loss, Carmen. This is a lovely idea though for remembering Joann. I wouldn't mind supporting Starbucks either, great corporate philosophy and practices! Thanks for inviting us :-)


What a sweet idea (no pun intended). I love caramel cappuccinos so I'll try to get there and do this and explain to the barista why I'm giving that name and insisting it be spelled correctly. The cool thing is that through your blogging, and this idea, your sister in law will get to touch many people. Hugs to you and your family during this difficult week.


I'm in. But, no caramel thingie - gah sweet.


Thank you! This is such a wonderful way to remember her... and it's a great way of giving us all the opportunity to share in and celebrate her life!

My dad and son are both cancer survivors, and I've lost too many loved ones to cancer. So, it's wonderful to remember their lives, lessons, and all that their sweet (too few) days meant to us...

Mary Ann

I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers!

It hardly seems like a year already.

Love to you all,

Cousin Mary Ann


This is so sweet!! Oh my god, I'll totally join! I love the way you chose to commemorate losing someone so important to you. I'm so incredibly sorry for your loss.

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