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I have learned that I don't like the unpredictable - I like to know how situations are going to play out before I get into them. This makes me avoid unknowns which annoys me.

I like to have easy routines such as the same thing for lunch everyday or the same dog walk in the mornings, until one day I get totally 'cannot do this anymore, ever' and then I change that routine for another which I will follow for a few weeks. And repeat.

My capacity for procrastination is sky high :-)

I love to potter round my house, getting things done and making things better.


I'm glad I know you, the end.


I am without question NOT a morning person. I can't function until about 11:00 am and even then I'm shaky. This makes life very difficult, as everyone I know, including hubby and D17 are morning people. Arguments have ensued because I cannot go to bed earlier than 11 pm.

My house is, and always will be, a work in progress and messy. My goal in life is not to have a spotless house, but to have a happy family.

I am lazy. Like, slothfully lazy. Which is why the house will never be spotless, I will never be Whippet thin and my kids will never be over-scheduled.

I love my parents but I don't like them a whole lot. They support me when I am toeing the line according to their values but if I stray, I feel like I am a 9 year old again.

Wine is hard for me to resist. Good wine. Also, I have learned that I like really good beer, not watery bad beer. So basically I'm saying that I'm a wine and beer snob, which is okay because damn it, I've earned it.

Flirting is something I have always done and is something I will always do. If you can't handle me joking around with your spouse and assume that it means I am after him not that I am just having fun, then it will be hard for us to be friends. I was closer to my brother than my sister growing up so I feel very comfortable around men. I don't gang up on men like many women do. So, honestly, what I am calling "flirting" is more just me talking to your spouse and not being all "lady like". Deal with it.

When the shit hits the fan, I WILL put my kids before my husband.

Which all could make me sound like a total bitch, but honestly, I am one of the nicest people you will ever meet - very open minded, not judgmental, will do anything for a friend.


Oh and, like you, Carmen, I am fixated on fast and old cars. My son and I drool over them.

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