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Really nice article. My boyfriend is Polish and I got to see his family make kielbasa. I didn't get to see the butchering part but they told me how they went to a farm somewhere in New York and bought a pig and got it butchered. It was all pretty interesting and the kielbasa was delish.

Karen at A Glimpse Into My Reveries

How fascinating! I agree about knowing where your food comes from! Especially meat. It doesn't just come from the supermarket on a piece of styrofoam!


I agree about wanting to know where your food comes from. You've made me curious if a butcher shop near us would offer this type of class.


Good for you, Carmen. I don't think I'd ever eat meat again! I know it's me being intentionally ignorant and not at all aware, but I would not, could not do this. So good for you for taking it on!


what an awesome opportunity. This reminds me of a time when my Dad brought home 1/2 of a Pig's head and we all marveled as he was working on getting that eye ball out off the head. I think I was either 8 or maybe 10? I can't quite remember if it was before my Mom had the twins or after. I remember my brother and I standing on a stool to see.

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