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Carmen. God love you. I had to laugh and cry as I read this. I can so very much relate. This morning was a doozie at our house and some other things have been slammed on my plate as I arrived at work. Think that I will have another cup of coffee and........is it appropriate for a 48 year old woman to scream and cuss at work?.....yeah, I already now the answer to that. Thanks for always keeping it so very real.


I think a kitten is a much safer bet than a puppy and brings equal joy!


I agree with MJ about the kitten, but I think you do need one or the other...so you can post pictures and videos and horror stories and we can all enjoy :)

I've never thought of you as a sugar-coater, but you've posted about far worse days - I was expecting this to end with you getting home and realizing the calendar was wrong and there were actually 10 events, all at the same time, in different locations. The hamburger casserole analogy was one of your best!


Oh my, DO NOT GET A PUPPY! I looove my dogs but I cannot imagine how people combine them with children, especially puppies who need training (and then not un-training by the enthusiastic kids) and taking out to P every half hour and entertaining and you have to keep the floors clear of anything you don't want chewed into pieces....

Although I often think that the most useful help I could have around the house would be a pre-teen boy who wants to play fetch for hours with my 2 yr old dog!


Oh for goodness' sake!! Sounds like a really, really terrible day. Carmen, I've been reading you for a while and you are nothing if not honest. Whoever the troll was who accused you of being anything but real should write her own blog and see how easy it is for HER to be transparent. You have never portrayed your life as "easy" or perfect. You don't owe it to anyone, yet you try your hardest to keep it real.
So sorry you had such a bad day. Hope that doesn't happen again for a long time.


The puppy part is a joke, right?

Sarah B.

No puppies. NO puppies. Never a puppy. And if he suggests it again, tell him he can be in charge of mornings until the idea subsides. BWAHAHAHAHAHA.

Sarah B.

I know, I know, I'm posting twice, but trust me, it's good... I went from here to the next blog on my list… and this was the story: http://thebigmamablog.com/17183/phantom-menace/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+BigMama+%28Big+Mama%29

I reiterate no puppies ;)


Is your husband going to be the one to take care of the puppy? If not, don't. You have enough going on!

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