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Ro Finn

Thank you for making my morning! This is exactly how I feel. Um...report cards?

My baby is screaming now. I guess nap time is over.


My mornings are not nearly as chaotic as yours (I only have two munchkins and only one in school), but I can empathize with your mornings. Hang in there--there's always another cup of coffee!


Carmen. I am laughing and crying as I read this. You would feel right at home at our house. I am impressed with the morning smoothies. Have you posted the recipe? I would love to have it. My kids eat a luna bar, vitamin and milk for breakfast. I need to up my game. Hang in there. I often wonder what life will be like when there is not the morning routine with kids in the mix. Exciting but sad at the same time.


Ladies - as long as the children are fed in the morning, I don't think it matters what they eat, so don't pressure yourself to "up your game", Kathryn. My son, 15, is a notoriously picky eater. We have settled on most of a protein bar and a biggish glass of high quality chocolate milk. He is an athlete but that is all I can get him to eat. I figure that eventually he will become hungry enough that he will begin to realize that he needs to eat more but I have given up the fight. Same child gets out of bed - I shit you not - 10 minutes before we have to walk out the door, which makes his sister, 17, insane. Me, I just sit back and let it unfold.


-->I truly have no idea how you do that every day. Really. I have no idea. I have just the one and thanks to us not going to the same school as you anymore, we have an extra 40 minutes in the morning because the bus comes so late now. I am still amazed at how you juggle so many little humans!

Vicky Calhoun

Oh my word...those parents who have to GET OUT OF THE CAR when they drop off the kiddos at school....drives me insane!!!!


"so a quarter prance above Maxwell House, " This right here had the tears rolling down my face laughing. OMG! you are so awesome. I saw the original post too and thought. OMG! they're crazy.


Loved the one about remembering to put the ice pack back in the freezer the night before! Brilliant. I get excited about this! It's the little things.

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