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Headless Mom

Great list! xo

Beth A.

My go-to for vanilla is Haitian vanilla brought back by my hubster from mission trips. He brings back at least 6 bottles a year and we gift some out each year. It takes me more than a year to go through a full bottle--and I use it all the time.

I've been looking for a good cocoa for baking. I'm trying the one you mentioned.

Alas, my big-ass-bowl broke this year as well. Might have to put that one on the wishlist. Mine was 11 years old, so I can't cry too horribly.


I just have a $20 portable stereo in my kitchen that has terrible sound. I asked for something better and my husband is getting us a speaker that will cover a couple rooms and you can control wirelessly from any device. I'm excited because I need to play music more to feed my soul.

I also ordered myself some Nick and Nora flannel pajamas and I plan to spend as many days as I can wearing them all day during the break.

I would love a good rice cooker-- does anyone have a recomendation for that?

Bee Belle

One of my favorite things is a new post on your blog! I really enjoy your writing and the way your blog has evolved over the years. This post is a fun one!


I second, third, and fourth Bee Belle's sentiments. I love baked goods because I can't bake to save my life. Things I consider too expensive to buy myself like perfume and luxury lotions. I get excited about anything that makes cooking and cleaning easier/more fun. Handbook novels because I will not spend the money and just wait for soft cover. Shoes. Small things I have looked at throughout the year but for whatever reason didn't buy. Somebody to listen when I've had a bad day...or year.

Karen Z

Love your list! I always like a new book to read and since I am such a knitter - some super yarn.


Judie Gumm berry and flower earrings www.judiegumm.com. massages & acupuncture. pedicures & manicures. Bookstore gift cards. Flower clubs that deliver to work. Sugar scrubs. Dansko shoes too (but just 2 styles that I love). Stained glass gift cards. The gift of time/help ... be it a "1 day of cleaning" or "I'll wash your car" those gifts of time where someone helps really mean alot.

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