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Happy New Year to you!!!! May 2015 bring good things your way...health and happiness to you and your family. I'm still here reading, totally enjoy your words!


Hello Carmen. Just for the record, you may be verbose- but, in a very good way. I find your writing very worthwhile and enjoy reading at your website very much. That is to say, that I disagree with your assessment that you do not have anything worthwhile to say. You do!! You do!! and please don't stop. I am not a writer but I do know good writing when I see it. I appreciate your honesty and integrity and admire your ability to express yourself through your writing. You make me laugh, smile, and look at my own life, emotions....fill in the blank - a little more clearly. I need all of the clarity that I can muster. God bless you Carmen and a very Happy New Year


I love that I'm not the only that reads it as 'Me Me' in their head. I think my favorite post of last year was November's Chaos. It made me feel normal. :) happy New Year to you and yours. 2015! it's on! And also Happy Anniversary
(linkn) 13yrs of writing is fabulous and keep on writing.

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