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I'll play. I miss old school blogging.

Signature Dish: Homemade chicken orzo soup. Also anything that needs to be baked, as the rest of my family sorta sucks at baking.

Worst Thing I Ate This Week: *brushes M&M cookie crumbles off keyboard*

Favorite Junk Food: Cookies. Or those big pretzels. LOVE THEM!

Favorite Board Game: 5 second rule or Clue.

Household Chore I Enjoy: Cooking when I have time and mopping the floors.

My Secret Cleaning Weapon: Honest cleaning supplies. Expensive but worth the money.

Etiquette Pet Peeve: People who basically run you over in stores and kids who never say please and thank you.

I Will Never Care About: Sexual orientation. Religion. Breast/bottle argument. You be you and I'll be me and it's all okay.

The Last Thing I Bought Online Was: hmmm I did an order at Amazon yesterday. Stocking stuffers for the kids, so a bunch of small random items.

I Drive: 2009 Hyundai Santa Fe

Good Habit: I have impeccable manners. I'm polite even when I hate someone. I send actual written out thank you cards.

Bad Habit: None! Heh. Kidding. Chewing on my nails. Worrying to death. Never listening to messages and just calling people back where they always say, did you listen to my message? Uh nope.

Before Company Arrives I: make sure the bathroom is clean. Also I make sure no small boy underwear are on the couch.

Cat/Dog/Other: Honestly if I could go forever without an animal, I would. However I am fond of both cats and dogs (although allergic to cats), I just don't want to own them.

Stuff I Can't Live Without: Coffee. Trident gum. My iPhone.

If I Had An Extra Hour Today, I Would: Sit outside and enjoy the fleeting sun. Or maybe lie in bed and watch Netlfix.

My Handbag Is: Um an old sorta ratty Sherpani purse. I've haven't been able to justify something new this year.

On My Bucket List: France. Poland. London. Alaskan cruise.

Jen M

Had to laugh at your stuff you can't live without answer: I was putting on chap stick as I was reading this!


I always read mags from the back, too.

Sarah B.

Ohhhh I was already looking for a blogging idea today. Swiping!!


I swear, Carmen - if you lived nearby, we'd be besties.

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