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eliz frank

Happy Holidays! You've got some fabulous recipes for the holiday party scene here, Carmen. I love that scrumptious recipe for white chocolate and cherries cookies. Yummy! 😀


Yeah, those sausage rolls will be showing up sometime this season. Wish I could have you and your family around my table!

Meredith R

"Man, I wish I could cook like Carmen," she said as the pressed the start button on her bread machine.


I love these! Hope I can find a way for sausage roll recipe GF for our house


THANK YOU Carmen. I am going to make the sausage rolls this Saturday to take to a party. This is a life saver. Merry Christmas to you and yours. God Bless!!!!


I made those salted caramel butter balls once, and while I thought they were amazing, they didn't go over well at the kid-heavy party I took them to. One kid said, "I'm sure they're good, but they're not for me."

At Christmas, I rely on a tried-and-true mixture of bourbon balls, peanut butter fudge, chocolate fudge and pralines. But I want to try those sausage rolls and mac n cheese balls!

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