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I've realized a pretty direct link between eating anything after about 8:30 or 9 and dreaming. If I don't eat too close to bed, I don't dream. While my dreams are occasionally pleasant, they more often are, at best, bizarre and often nightmares. Another reason to not stuff my face with Cadbury eggs at 9:30.

But Paris and happiness sound pleasant. And Fridays and getting to "sleep in" (I can't believe 5:20 is a late morning for you!) are nice. Dream on!


Men must not remember them in general, or at least not yours & mine. I don't always remember them either but last nite was awoken by screaming from the girls room & was so disappointed because I was in the middle of a very happy, peaceful dream myself.


I'm sorry - I am so distracted by the fact that you consider getting up at 5:20 AM a "chill" morning, I can't even focus on the rest of this. I had to get up at 6 this morning, and I was practically weeping. And I'm a morning person!


I dream, endlessly, anxiously and sometimes even lucidly where I can control the action. It is often exhausting and I wish I didn't dream so vividly. I am always chasing or hunting or trying to get something done. (or find a bathroom - that one comes up a lot!) I dream through whole days and then wake and can't remember whether it was real or not and whether I have already done whatever it was that was making me anxious.

My GF rarely dreams and doesn't remember when she does. I am jealous of that.

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