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I could've written this. I DIYd my hair - it's not great but it's an improvement. I wiped and painted the baseboards during nap time. And I talked my husband into finding the money for a cleaning service. We shouldn't afford it, but it's worth it for my sanity and to not live in filth!


I'd start with a nap at the beach! Then reading a good book, then more nap!


Start with making a list. Then pick one thing, do it,many cross it off. Best wishes for getting rested and back on your feet, and a friendly reminder to see your doctor if this feeling continues. Hormones, tick bites, depression - sometimes it feels like a feeling but it is a medical issue!


I start with the thing (or a few things) that are bugging me the most. Even if they aren't the most logical place to start.


I was in this exact same funk and I started with ME. I took a couple of days off work. I cooked and cleaned for the week on one day. The second day after I got my one lonely child (this is what he calls himself, the baby of 6 and the last one home) out the door for school and checked in at work. I read for an hour, watched Grey's Anatomy reruns and then took a 4hr nap. I woke up when my son came in and asked "whats for dinner" I felt rested and ready to take on the world again!!


I relate... I feel like I am stuck in a circle and if I could just change one thing. I don;t sleep enough, so I'm tired for exercise and being disciplined to eat healthy. When I do exercise, everything hurts and I get discouraged. But if I lost weight and exercised more, I would sleep better. I would have more energy to be a better mom if I got more time to myself, but that means taking time away from the kids I am trying to be a better mom to. There is so much to do that it is paralyzing, and when I do get more done than the urgent, I feel like it can never be enough. I have barely been to church in a year and I'm sure I would be more at peace if I did but it's stressful to find a new church. I need rest and breaks but I just end up wasting time on the internet instead of doing the things that really fill me up. Let me know if you find the answer.


It must be the season. I'm feeling much the same... except I'm going to ignore the hair except for henna dye when the gray shows again. I started with the smaller and/or cleaner rooms. So, I spiffed up the guest room first. Then I headed to the guest bath and cleaned it top to bottom (except you can't tell that today). Today's excursion was through the back entry/laundry room. I mucked through the collected shoes and put all my sandals in a storage box on the shelf. Then I straightened and put the rest on the shelf. I also cleaned the utility sink/cabinet and began laundry (perpetual in our house). We have had so much company this summer, I felt like I was constantly changing and washing the guest bedroom bedding. It made me miss my friend Bonny. She always helped me change sheets when she came to visit -- just like a sister or cousin. I never had to worry about how my house looked for her; she was there to see us. This means I've ignored the problem areas... the study I do all my homework in, our master bedroom, and any one of 3 garages. (I'm working my way up to them. It will take courage and more than an hour or two. They might have to wait until I retire in about 5 to 8 years from now. Or until my daughter visits again and I have her help.)

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