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Unbelievable. It is amazing to me the lack of compassion that people can have. Everyone on every single continent has trials, tribulation, and problems!!! I would say to that individual, "You are a first world *&^$" Hang in there Carmen. I will say prayers for you.


I find that it is not the big things that happen that are as hard to deal with as it is one little thing after another after another that weighs me down. Its the water line from the road to the house leaking with the $1700 water bill and the $4500 repair bill, the stress fracture in my foot that is still irritating, the raccoon family that decided our attic was the best place to live, the endless juggling to get kids to places, get my own online school work done and getting out of work late every day that adds up and becomes overwhelming. I was planning on going by myself on a bike ride this weekend, and stay in a hotel on the beach (I love the beach) and it was cancelled for the first time in 27 years, and this was to be my only time away. (Maybe, subconsciously, I like century rides because I don't have anyone that also likes to bike 100 miles at a time - I get time to myself). I understand.

I can't have third world problems, I don't live in a third-world country. I can just have my own problems, and I can appreciate your problems and have empathy with your problems. I hope October is a better month, and that the schedule smooths out and the hurricane goes out to sea.


Well said. So do the people who made the "first world problems" comments never get stressed or feel discouraged?


I am a hospice nurse and so I have families walking through difficult times and I also have an abusive ex-husband and have walked through some hard times myself. But anytime I hear people trying to downplay something they are going through by comparing it to my patients or my situation. I stop them. What is hard for me, might not be hard for you. What is devastating to you might be minor to me. Stop comparing people!! Stop it. Come along side your friends and family and support them..unless you are my 16yo and are upset because you have to do chores before you can hang out with friends...ain't gonna get any sympathy then especially because you have procrastinated all day on the chores.


So true, Carmen. There's no denying that we are all truly blessed, but that doesn't mean we aren't going to suffer! And suffering is hard--especially when it's your kids. Good luck with everything, and something that helps me is to pray, "Jesus, I trust in you," over, and over and over. And then keep praying it.


I'm throwing a flag- the comment that your problems were FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS was illegal use of a meme.

Hand to big to fit in a pringles can to reach the bottom chips,
my diamond earrings are scratching my iPhone,
ordered McDonalds and forgot to upsize my order,
my laptop is dying but charger is in another room
I think we get the point here.

What you have are REAL WORLD problems which every one of us have. And offering someone words of encouragement when they're felling overwhelmed isn't all that hard.There is no reason to belittle anyone else's problems, we are all fighting our own battles...


I relate to this, and sometimes we add guilt on ourselves even. I have had a hard week with some family interactions and getting bad poison oak and a bad bee sting. Normally our family gets along well and we are healthy, but I have felt so stressed out by dealing with this stuff,and only made myself feel worse when I don't have sympathy for myself. Sometimes a comparison can be helpful- I live an hour away from the Oregon shooting, there was a little girl with cancer at the soccer game yesterday) if it leads to me making myself calmer or more thankful, but the point isn't to add to our stress or others. We all need to encourage and have empathy for the hard things. ( i have also found this with having a big family, adopting and home schooling- like I can't complain because I chose this life)


Well said. Posts like this are why I keep coming back. You articulate some of my concerns so well. (BTW it was my brother who told me my issue at one point in the past was a 1st world problem.)

Headless Mom

The Pain Olympics piss me off too. Yes, I know I have running, clean water, but the 89 trips I made between schools, sports, and band this week wore on my last nerve.

You can be annoyed at your life all you want. I know you also have awesome, easy weeks that you appreciate.

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