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Making phone calls
Sweeping and moping
figuring a menu and then cooking dinner
responding to emails. I'm real good at reading them, just don't respond very well.


I think I've already farmed out Ironing to "Nobody." I just don't do it anymore. I would farm out cleaning the shower/tub corners and also recaulking them regularly. I also have real but unfortunately long-term plans to move to a townhome so I don't have to do a lick of yard work (mowing, trimming, planting, snow removal).

Emily C

Wow. We must be twins; all I have to say is, "DITTO!" I hate all those things.


I hardly ever iron anymore... just the tablecloth for holidays and every once in a while a blouse or shirt. So that doesn't count in my list of disliked chores.

Scrubbing the tub is on my list.

Pulling the never ending weeds.

Folding someone else's clothes just to see them thrown to the corner or piled up in a corner all wrinkled.

Picking up dog poop.

Cleaning the fish tank.

Sweeping, vacuuming, or mopping (hubby does all 3)

Washing windows. (Hubby also does this seasonally)

I also don't like deciding what to make for dinner every single night... I've gotten to where I'd like someone else to pick what they'd prefer and I'll make it. (I like cooking.)

And while I love the feel of clean crisp sheets, I don't like changing queen and king beds by myself. It's much nicer to do it with a friend (like my now deceased friend Bonny) or family member helping.

To turn the tale, these are chores I like:

Shoveling snow off the deck (but we don't have one anymore).

Baking desserts.

Bathing dogs.

Putting dishes or folded clothes away.

Mowing lawns.

Painting trim and house exteriors.

Walking the dogs.


This is a fun prompt! Let's see, in order of most despicable to least, I'd assign out:
- Scrubbing the kitchen tile grout!
- Scooping the cat litter
- Sweeping up the freaking cat litter that gets everywhere
- Vacuuming
- Sweeping/wiping the hard floors
- Washing the dishes/putting them in the dishwasher
- Wiping the counters/stove
- Yard work

I'd keep the laundry and unloading the dishwasher for myself, because I don't mind these tasks too much, especially if they're the only things I have to do.

Jennifer Walker

Oh, let's see....I don't like the "putting away" part of any task. I actually like doing laundry -- but hate carrying it upstairs and putting it in closets/drawers. Same with the dishwasher. I don't mind any part but the putting away. Even if I hand wash things, it's the putting away part I do not like. I agree -- mopping and stove top cleaning are needed again just as soon as it's done.
oh and I don't like taking out the trash.
I despise ironing, so I don't do it.


Laundry. For sure. And Vacuuming. I HATE to vacuum. Also not a fan of tub scrubbing (but I AM a fan of clean tubs so there's that.) And I totally agree with the cat litter above. Hate to scoop. Hate to sweep it up.

I don't mind ironing so much. I pile it up and turn on a movie.

I really enjoy yard work. I know. I'm sorry. But it's true. There's an instant gratification there that I really love. (I took off yesterday to do Thanksgiving Prep and I had to make myself get out of the yard and back into the kitchen. #buttheyardneedstolooknicetoo

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