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Take those minutes of Hallmark as you get them and the National Lampoon ones will make you laugh in the future. Merry Christmas, your tree looks beautiful.


I doooooo believe your story is short a few squirrels to qualify for National Lampoon Status. Thanks for playing but please try again next year!
Oh. My. Gracious.
We got the tree up when college son was here at Thanksgiving.The WHOLE FAMILY gathered round and took out ornaments & untangled lights and put branches on the tree. From 8:07-8:21 the carols played & lights twinkled. And then college son disappeared to facetime with his girlfriend, and the younger ones were ready for bed so here an ENTIRE WEEK later the tree is up & only has 5 ornaments on it.
To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day....

pass the egg nog lol


But Carmen, there are too many "look at our perfect Christmas with our smiling beautiful children and our Pinterest-perfect cookies" posts already! I would seriously not read your blog if it was like that.

I knew where this was going as soon as you put in the part about your son grabbing the youngest under her arms :) Hopefully the tree and ornaments weren't too damaged?


I thought of you when I saw #3 on this post this morning!


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