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This made me cry, because this could be my son. What parent wants their 7 year old child to say he would rather die than keep living with the pain he's going through? Medication has been a godsend to us and to him. He is happier now, and he is actually enjoying school. I didn't think that would happen for him.

I know you have a ton on your plate but if you're ever looking for a blog topic I'd actually love to hear some of the research you've done. My son was only actually diagnosed this past September, so we're still really starting on this journey.

Thank you for this.


Oh, honey,I've been there. Kids have a way of teaching us all the stuff that we don't even know we don't know. Good for you for learning, even if it took a while. I'm so glad you found a medication combo that works!


Wow...fantastic piece today. I am going to pass this along to some of my parents who are wondering if they are doing the right thing. I have two students who are taking medication for ADHD and I must tell you....WHAT A DIFFERENCE it makes! May I add that these two students are absolutely brilliant and so much fun!I'm sorry your journey has been a long one. Breaks my heart when you said that your child wanted to end it:( I'm happy things are better!


Thank you.

My child X has ADD, language processing disorder, and executive functioning issues. A 504 led to an IEP. The journey began in 1st grade....and has continued until 6th. His last report card was all As and Bs. I didn't think we'd ever make it this far.....but thanks to a million things we've tried, plus good ol' methylphenidate, we have.

Did I mention I teach in his school? A blessing and a curse.

Thank you for putting a voice to your Child X's story.


My respect for you just got even higher. Loved this post for it's brutal honesty and real life stuff. We live with ADHD in this house, my husband has it and 7, yes you read that right, out of my 10 kids have it. I did not have the patience to try all the food/non medicated options that you did, so I am impressed on that front. Plus we found early that meds worked well for hubby and it was a night and day difference. Thank you for sharing more of journey and silencing the voice of the articles of France!

lynn mayden

Love this post!


Carmen. THANK YOU for sharing this. I am forwarding this to my sister who has to read it.....the struggles are real and parents and kids need support. This is a life saver post.

Jennifer Walker

Hi Carmen, as a teacher who has seen her fair share of parents who just.would.not. see the truth, is there anything the teachers could have said to change your mind, convince you? I'm just curious if there is something that would've worked.
oh, and I don't think the parents are being intentionally difficult. I think they want the best for their kid and love their kid fiercely. But the truth about their kid, their situation seems not to be getting through to them.


Thank you so much Carmen for this post. I've been through such hell with my kid, and I said a lot of the same things as you. Unfortunately, his struggles aren't the quite implosion you described, but quite the opposite, a complete explosion, always at school, leaving me in fear of answering the phone. We are finally starting to claw our way back out of the pit, thanks to a lot of pharmaceutical intervention, good doctors who want to help us, LOTS of prayer, and a lot of family friendly sick leave. Every time I think that we are starting to get ahead, I get smacked with something new (e.g., they gave him the option to go to a resource room instead of attend "specials" since he had such a hard time with the noise and transitions, so of course he took that option, plus the myriad of appointments and therapy etc. means that now he is failing ART due to in-attendance. In 3rd grade! Argh!) I have been so firm and tried so much discipline and my husband and I are completely on the same page with handling him. I am not sure how to end this but to say THANK YOU for sharing what this is really like for families!


I really appreciate your article. I'm sorry things have been so hard, but I hope your story will help many other families. I don't have the same situation, but really relate (home schooling four kids, youngest adopted with a lot of needs, working very hard to do what I feel is best and sort out where we can just "keep trying" vs. where we need professional help, learning to parent in whole new ways that go against my nature and other people don;t understand...) My son just started OT and PT and I'm hopeful and relieved to be getting the support. Anyway-- glad you are finding your way!

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