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I used to hate cauliflower, but raw it's pretty good.
Beets... I lived off of it while in Eastern Europe years ago, but it's not my fav..
I learned to love sushi when I visited the beach in 2002.
I don't like coffee at all, hot tea is much better.
I think any holiday designed for a loved one to EXPECT a gift or show of affection is just plain wrong. You should love them all year long...
I like poetry when it touches my soul..

I'd say the only thing I truly hate are lawyers that specialize in lawsuits. I believe they are social parasites that only bring down society. And they go hand in hand with insurance companies. Buy protection from an insurance company to keep the other lawyers at bay... or else...


I don't like any of the music I liked in high school or college. It drives me nuts when my peers want to listen to it now, or go to a concert by a now over-the-hill one hit wonder from 1984.
Food-wise, I pretty much only dislike liver, kale, and okra, but I don't think any of those is very unusual!
I am not a fan of my in-laws calling their 52-year-old son to berate him for sending his father a bigger birthday gift than his mother this year - in my family birthdays are for kids and once you turn 21 you don't expect every little bud on the family tree to send you an appropriately priced gift (phone calls and newsy emails are a bonus though). Again, probably not swimming too far against the tide on that one.
Overall I must be pretty par for the course.


Sorry, not following the program, just wanted to say that I am not the blog reader in general that I once was, but when I was, I always used to read yours. When I stop in now, I love catching up with your life and the progress of your kids. You are simply amazing, and your humor always shines through even when life presents you with a thousand challenges a day (that may be a low estimate). Just wanted to send you a smile and some fervent thanks.


Living in a state where marijuana is now legal - and having a child who is severely asthmatic - gotta say I disagree w/ that one. Can't tell you how often we have had to leave stores/restraunts/theatres/ heck even once a Doctor's office because of the smell and how it affected her (eyes swell, nose runs, pretty immediate wheezing. We have also had to leave things at a check out in a store because the clerk had that smell on her. Hard to know exactly what to say to a kid who says 'Mom, I know it's their 'right' to smoke it - but what about my right to breathe??? (wow - I am usually about the most quiet person in the world on something like this / but it has been on my mind a lot lately).


Totally there with you on the coleslaw. I don't like any of it.

I hate tomatoes. I'm sorry, but I do.

There is a ton of good NEW music. I don't want to listen to all oldies all the time.

I enjoy watching baseball. A little bit. All other sports leave me bored (unless my kids are playing and then they are mildly interesting).

Beer stands and little league just don't belong together.

Scary suspenseful movies are okay - gory movies are not.

While I try to be offended by some of the really raw comedians, I'm usually hiding a giggle. Often I don't hide them at all.

A sign that says 40% off or higher makes me love whatever it is I'm looking at even more.


I hate Mother's Day, Father's Day, and the guilt that go with them. Your birthday is your special day where everyone close to you is supposed to rearrange their schedule and finances to make it special. Don't give me another day. I visit my parents plenty considering they live 2+ hours away...I resent the implication that I'm a horrible daughter if I can't make it happen, or don't want to make it happen, on one particular weekend.

I hate Valentine's Day, too. Yes, please, remind me that I'm single and have to stay home alone while couples celebrate their good fortune in finding the right person — thanks. And it's especially awesome that it falls in that post-Christmas period where it's freezing and gray and there's nothing to look forward to.

I don't like Dave Matthews, solo or the band, much.

Vodka is disgusting.

Wegmans is overrated.

Total stranger, the reason I'm not stopping to pet and fuss over your dog isn't because I'm afraid of dogs — I just don't really feel like petting and fussing over your dog and having my hands smell like dog until I can wash them.

I find it kind of annoying when I'm in the middle of my workday and you bring your toddler in, and everyone stops what they're doing to talk baby talk.

I could keep going with this for forever. Yeah, I'm pretty much a terrible person.

Jennifer W.

-I don't care about music. There's some I like -- but none enough to buy. I'm totally blah about it.
- I don't care about the Olympics. Like at all. Didn't watch or read any this year
- I don't like tattoos on women. (Sorry, Carmen!)
- I think bra straps shouldn't be seen. Ever. On anyone. Same with panty lines.
- I don't like short stories or science fiction, or fantasy. Lord of the Rings? No thanks.
- I think titanic was a boring movie. Same with Forrest Gump.
Thanks, Carmen! This was fun!


I agree on Nina Simone. I love love love her.

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