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Oh I'm sorry. It sounds awful. I hope she's on the mend and you're all getting some sleep.


I bet you learn even more with Frank. Good job making it happen while keeping everything and everyone else going. Proud of you.


My friend has her tonsils and uvula (spelling??) removed earlier this month. It went a lot like your daughter's. she is scheduled to have her as adenoids removed and sinuses scraped out in February. I shudder to think how that will go.


Oh goodness!! I had a doctor who had suggested this years ago and I listened to my gut and went for a second opinion. The second doctor almost laughed out loud. I'm so thankful that I didn't have to do it and SO, SO sorry that your daughter is suffering through this. Make sure you are taking care of yourself as well.


I'm very sorry. I had mine out at 25? 26? It took me a month to fully recover. I had a tomato on a sandwich around the month mark and I had to go home and lie down, because of the pain. So, be careful with acids and the new "skin" in the throat. Also, I do not do well with anesthetic. So, I started throwing up when we got home. There are Uhum--ways to handle that that also involves a prescription. Wendy's frosty's and their fries helped me get through. And donuts. The surgery has been one of the best things for me. I'm rested, don't get a ton of sore throats, etc. It is a different world. You have to go through a lot, but it is worth it. Good luck!


This sounds awful. I've heard that doctors rarely take out kids' tonsils anymore, and I wonder if that's why your daughter didn't have them out years ago. I'm kinda amazed your husband is still planning to have his; I might have opted for strep throat six times a year instead.

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