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I still read here. I’ve been reading since I found you in the Real Simple magazine 11-12 years ago!

I’m excited to read all about your trip. You are a gifted writer. I always feel like I’m right there through your writing!


I agree 110% -coffee all the way! I also find that looking back, my favorite memories (that often are the forgotten ones!) are the simple moments -such as your encounter with the ladies in the coffee shop. The small things really do matter! Look forward to reading more of your travel stories. P.S -I still read, and am not a hater :P


As near as I can tell from your opening comments, I must be your mother! OMG who knew. (I've been reading for years, and I think I mentioned that when you emailed me a quick reply to a comment once I was star-struck. Really. I change my email address a lot so you might not recognize me, my bad.)

I love to travel, and my favorite trip of all time was to an Asian country. The language and culture are just *that* much more different that it really expands your mind - if that's how to describe it - in a different way.


I’m proud of you. I’m not sure I’d have had the guts it takes to do that.


Way to go Carmen!!! What a cool adventure. And I'm still reading, too!


Still here :) I always love it when I step out of my comfort zone and succeed (as opposed to the times I end up looking like an idiot......but I do that in my comfort zone too). Makes you feel like a superhero! I'm not sure I'd be ordering coffee though - good for you!


I still read here and am now catching up on your Japan trip! Happy New Year!

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