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Glenda Piper

I'm so excited for you!! I just took my first "real" job after being a sahm for 12 years. All the reasons you listed are exactly why I wanted to work again. And I've loved every single day of it!


Congratulations, Carmen! I love hearing a story like this, of someone finding something new and fresh in her life. I am so happy for you.


Congratulations!! :)That is awesome.


Wow, that is SO COOL!


That is fantastic!! Congratulations!

lynn mayden

Congrats! I have been wondering how you were doing. Sounds like a good fit for you. We never know where life takes us.


This is wonderful!!! Seems like the perfect fit!! Enjoy it Carmen!

Kathryn Long

Congratulations Carmen. I drool over the photos of food that you show on your blog and instagram. You will do amazing at your new job. Enjoy......and breathe!!


That is so, so cool! I have read you for years and am so very happy to hear this news! What an outstanding second (or third?) act!


OMG Carmen this is awesome! Very cool career change...and sounds like it could be made for you.

Jennifer j

That’s wonderful! How exciting and scary and so very cool!
Very, very cool!

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