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Wendy Egli

Oh my, I needed this right now. My daughter, after three years in a dance studio where I was finally feeling like "I" was fitting in with some of the moms, decided she didn't like it there anymore. She is taking a break from dance (which is just about killing me)with the goal of healing her knee so that she can try out at another studio next year where I get to start over again. Complicated by the fact that now she is old enough to drive so I am never actually AT the studio anymore so I have no idea how I will get to meet and get to know the other parents. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way when I change is made.


Wendy - I could have written that a few years ago. My son was the competitive dancer in the family, and it was really hard when he left, even though he had good reasons. I missed the mom-socializing but realized that wasn't the point of it. He's the baby of the family and graduates this spring so I'm having to figure out the empty nest approach to making new relationships.

Carmen - I have always clicked over from my blog reader to make sure you had a page count! Maybe I'll stop doing that now, but it's a habit. I like seeing your page - it's my equivalent to stepping into your space for a chat.


I think, for me, once I gave up on mom-friends, I started making REAL friends. My friends now are from groups I participate in, and so we automatically have shared interests and hobbies. I found that an awful, awful lot of the other moms were judgy about me being divorced, working full time, being liberal -- I could go on and on. Plus, it gives me time for ME to have a group of friends around my interests.

I have more friends now as an empty nester than I ever did as a parent with kids at home (and I am busier than ever before!).


Hi Carmen - I'm one of those who has been reading your blog for years but I don't always comment. I think it is great that you are continuing to do this even though it is not a monetary thing for you any more. There are people out here, like me, who value open, honest dialogue and appreciate people like you who aren't afraid to lay it out there. Keep on keepin' on.

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