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Carmen! I'm just as glad to see a post from you as I am glad to see a local friend whose life has swept her away from me for a time. I'm still shocked by the hours you keep, but I always have been. The difference now is I'm shocked by the hours I keep. I can't sleep like I used to, so I go to bed at the same time but get up a few hours earlier. You'd think that would mean a few extra hours in my day, but I'm exhausted and useless at the end of the day, so no.

Congratulations to your daughter in nursing! I hope you find, as I do, that grown kids still give us opportunities for the occasional swell of parental pride, and if we can untangle ourselves and realize they are adults, fewer of the heartbreaks. (I truly pray you have fewer heartbreaks.) Also, congrats on the daughter making dinner. 16. That's not always rainbows and sunshine. My good things right now are twin grandchildren who are almost two. Sassy two-year-olds make much better grandchildren than children! So much fun. I also have a daughter who is getting married soon and starting graduate school shortly after that. She just got promoted at work and it's such a relief to have her having success.

On the other side of things, I have a son struggling with something. Anxiety? Depression? Being 18? Whatever it is doesn't want to or isn't able to talk it out with mom. He also has some health challenges, which I know you understand well. Is that a Big Bad? I'm also just cranky and dissatisfied with no reason for that to be so, but there it is. December has some promising things on the calendar that typically bring me joy, so I'm looking forward to the new month - soon, please.

You've mentioned that it's harder to blog with older kids. Maybe a few beauty posts are in order. Don't laugh - I feel like you might! You look so nice in your pictures, and although we all look older than we did 15 years ago, I do think there are things that make it better or worse. My own mother, who has been Ms. Nag-to-Lose-Weight her whole life, now bemoans the fact that at her desired weight her skin hangs on her, and she really looks healthier with a few more pounds. That's given me a renewed interest in NOT trying to change my weight, but to work on fitness and looking my best at the size I am. Hmmm.

Love you and hope to hear from you soon!

Deborah Pucci

Congratulations to your daughter! Happy Belated Birthday to you. ((HUGS))

lynn mayden

I love your posts! You have a lot going on and sound like you are doing well. I have had a few speed bumps the past few weeks but doing better than I would have in the past so I am making progress. One day at a time trying not to stress about the stuff I can not control (which is a lot!).

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