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The first round of holidays is the most strange. After that it is just normal. And entertaining to watch the crowd. Enjoy! It is worth it.


I don't drink because of migraines. Of a different sort than yours, but the effect is the same. Honestly, after a couple of years, taking a drink (which I do do on very rare occasions) is what is weird now. That said, if you are out with friends, let the bartender know where you are at and ask what they can think up - I have had some spectacularly fun non-alcoholic concoctions made up by bartenders who are totally used to this kind of thing, that I never would have tried otherwise. It's a new adventure, instead of booze, but just as fun.

Jennifer B

I get migraines if/when I drink alcohol, so I don't drink. I agree with other person, bartenders are just as happy to make "virgin" drinks as they are the alcoholic versions.


It seems as I get older, more and more women I know have stopped drinking for one reason or another (mostly health related - seems our older bodies just do better without). It's no big deal in my crowd to be having non-alcoholic bevies. I have a friend who does not have alcohol in her home for religious reasons and her parties are as fun as any others I've been to. Good for you for listening to your body (sounds like it was screaming at you!). I've been considering giving up drinking but, damn, I do like an evening cocktail to unwind!

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