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I love the loud, quirky, badass on the dance floor, tattooed lovely that you are. We are desperately in need of a coffee date and you still need to take me to that lady that will help me get the perfect fit for my girls so I think I need to make good on that whole come to the beach to see you this winter ❤️❤️


I am happy you wrote this! I love to see you express your thoughts! You are a wonderful person inside and out. If people can't see past the tattoos, then they are not worth having in your life! I am happy I met you at that Catholic School, I am also happy we left so the boys and I could grow together!


I've been following you for a super, super long time now, and this hits home. My kids are younger, but now that we've moved past the "baby stage" (well beyond, actually, as my youngest is 6), I find myself in a different "category" than the other moms who went on to have more kids (God bless them, I wish I could have had more--we "just" have 4) and who also home school. I'm also not a career-woman with a noteworthy occupation, nor does it make sense (right now) to go back to school. I'm too religious for the "secular" peeps (for lack of better word). I'm a stay-at-home mom who sends her kids to public school. I do everything around the house because my husband basically has 2 job (a career and a vocation). It can be lonely, for sure. Thanks for your honesty, and for being you! I'm Greek Orthodox, and I love the Greeks and definitely feel more "myself" when I'm around them.

Headless Mom

This makes sense to me, regarding the in-person time that we've spent together. I hope you know that I've always loved every part of you and I really hope that you know that every part of you is worthy, even when they contradict one another. We are all walking contradictions, trying to make it through the day. Love you, friend!


Going to be totally honest here but... one thing it took me WAY too long to learn is that no one pays as much attention to me as I do. That is, thinking people are judging/noticing/critiquing my every action is 1) a huge waste of my time and energy and b) super unlikely anyways! I avoided the gym for years thinking people would make fun of me. Guess what? No one cares. And learning THAT is freeing.

Another thing -- I never really made friends when my kids were in school -- as you write, I thought I did not fit in any group. In my case, I was one of very few working at all moms and almost the only one who had a 9-5 not very flexible job. Even through high school, most of the moms in the suburb where I raised my kids don't work. My then-husband was antisocial at best and had no friends of his own. I wasted many, many years trying to make "mom" friends. Once I started doing activities for me (running, crafts, volunteering) -- I met people of all kinds of backgrounds who liked me for ME and now I have a wonderful circle of friends.

It is never too late to start again.


You just described my entire experience of a mom of one at a larger catholic school. I’m clearly not as persistent as you, the day my boy was old enough to get himself to and from school - that was it for me. Never participated in anything school, never regretted my decision.

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