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On Myers-Briggs I am a solid I. However, I suspect that I am an introverted extrovert, but perhaps with a lot less E than you. I love people, hearing their stories, but I’m often too shy to start the conversation.


I am an introvert through and through. Don't get me wrong, I like spending time with friends, but spending the day by myself doing things I like with no interruption is my dream!

I'm so happy to have you back writing reqularly. I missed your input on the world.


I wonder which test your employer uses for this -- a real MBTI or a knockoff? If this topic is useful to you, you should see a professional and get yourself professionally typed.

I've done that three times in the course of career changes. I'm a definite MBTI "I" but that doesn't mean I don't like people -- just that constant interaction doesn't energize me, unlike the E. (I've tested this way consistently for 30 years, and now that they tell you the percentage, I've learned that I'm on the order of 70 percent I). My work requires me to be "on" for many hours of the day and that's fine; I have no problem achieving that. But when I go home I prefer to be alone and tank up on solitude. That doesn't mean I want to have a blank mind -- on the contrary, I want to read, write, go to the movies, etc., and maybe catch up with one close friend or family member, someone on the "inside" of my shield.

I worked as an academic advisor for several years, and on our advising staff of 50, over 70 percent were MBTI "I" types. And we all loved people! Just within specific parameters.

Rebecca F King

I really ought to have referred to myself above as an "extroverted introvert" because in no universe am I primarily an extrovert.


I think i am both also. I love talking to people who are receptive, friendly and positive. I found i can read some,people who negative negative negative. They reak of it. I found the older i get, the more i will not tolerate. I am not that insecure, low self esteem little girl anymore who needs people's approval.

Karin Tracy

I've been a solid ENFP my whole life (my parents typed my sister and me when we were kids because they are Is who couldn't figure out what the eff to do with two E kids) but as a 44-year-old, I can clearly identify as an introverted extrovert. Like your daughter described, I am on and social and happy to lead and truthfully a bit bossy, until all of a sudden I need me time like ASAP. I need to recharge and love solo time - hiking, walking, even solo dining.

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