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I've been reading your blogs for years - I also have 6 kids, now all in their 20s (wtf?)
One thing I have learned as I've transitioned through life for 55 years, is that God places people in your life. And then He may take them out of your life. And it's all good.
I was seriously hurt when I noticed that my "friends" shifted out of my life. Especially when I thought I needed them most.
And the amount of friends also changed.
But looking back, and having the benefit of wisdom that comes with age, I've realized that God put people in my path with divine purpose. And, once I took MY feelings of hurt out of the equation, I also realized that I was put in THEIR life for a purpose, until their needs were met. Because they had "things" going on that I didn't know about too.
Then we moved on.
It's all good.
And like a river, life and relationships are constantly moving, ebbing and flowing. Filled to the banks, and sometimes, just a trickle.
But the river is constantly going.
Life is a journey, not a race.


Congratulations on all of the good news and you’re pretty dang awesome for all the hard work your doing in all facets of your life. Congrats gramma! ;)

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