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February 23, 2009



Oh, I need this! My 5 year old is monitored pretty much every time she's on the computer, most of that time is not online. My 13 year old needs much more scrutiny as whenever she is on the computer, she is likely online. Usually downloading music or researching for schoolwork, but there are those times when she is doing other things. Nothing bad or questionable so far, but you never know...


Great review and wonderful giveaway! Symantec has great products. We have a filter, but it's definitely not foolproof.


anything that helps keep my budding social networkers safe is good with me :-) sign me up!

Kelly B

I try to keep the kiddos close by... if they're on my computer I watch them like a HAWK but on the desktop I just keep itin view or ask what they are working on.... they're still little but are getting to be broswers.... so this is something we'll be looking into soon:)

Cat @ 3 Kids and Us

We try to stay in the loop by keeping our computer in a room that is visible when our son uses it. For the times we can't be there, this software would definitely be handy.
cat at 3kidsandus dot com


Since my kids are still young, I usually am sitting right beside them when they are on the computer. But now that I know about this software, it will definitely become a part of our computer use as they get older and venture into more independent computer use. Thanks for the great contest!


Luckily my son is still too young to use the computer, but i am thrilled to see such good reviews from a product I know will help me in the near future. Thanks!


My son is only 2 1/2, but when he goes to preschool (2 half days a week), I always talk to his teachers to see how the day went. When he is old enough to use the internet, I would LOVE to have this for our home!


I just Tweeted about this giveaway. My username is ctb0520. http://twitter.com/statuses/friends_timeline/17015307.rss


So far I have been lucky. I have got along with all my kids teachers. I meet the parents of my kids friends. I have the kids over to our house. BUT I just put a computer in my DD's room. She is turning 8 this month. I definitely want the extra security for my peace of mind, and of hers. This sounds great.


Quite useful information about the security of your Computer


With 4 busy homeschool kiddos www is a must. We use it daily for research and fun! I already made an account with them, just waiting for hubby to walk me thru creating them each a separate account to log into the computer! I tried to install it on my most needed one in the house and he said it slowed it down quite a bit! I don't konw if he just wants to wiggle out of it. Hubby will return from work overseas and will take care of all of it. An iPod would be such a great tool for a busy homeschool 'single" mom.

Rashmi @ A Book Blogger's Diary

I have a toddler and a baby on the way. Seeing the way my son already knows his way around my laptop, I'd say this software will prove a godsend in a couple of years. I'm really looking forward to having it, for my mental peace and for my children's protection.

Thanks for this great giveaway!
callmeabookworm at gmail dot com

Rashmi @ A Book Blogger's Diary

Tweeted it - http://twitter.com/callmeabookworm/status/1292972521

Sherri Smith

My children are still pretty small... but I think it would be VERY fun getting to know how to use the ipod with my son! He is such a smart boy and I can almost guarentee he would figure it out before I would ;)

Thanks for the giveaway!


Sherri Smith

Tweeted it also- http://twitter.com/wedwithbabies/status/1293196534

Tamra A

I downloaded the software and will be checking it out. I have a 16 and 14 yo - we currently monitor what they do online by having access to their computers at all times. I am also "friends" with them on facebook, twitter and other social networking websites.

Tamra A

I tweeted the giveaway


I made a blog post here:


Hmmm ... I just happen to have the iPod Touch on my wedding registry. Wouldn't it be cool if I won it this way?

My kids are all grown now, but Norton Online Family would have been a great tool to have to help me keep an eye on their internet usage.

Jill Gardner

We keep our computer in the family room so we can always see what the kids are doing online. However, they are getting older and we aren't always right there with them so we might need to look into something like this. It sure looks like a good program.

Jill Gardner

twitter athttp://twitter.com/home


I keep an open line of communication with them and have explained that they can talk to their mother or I if they see anything that makes them uncomfortable. So far so good. But trust is paramount.

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