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April 07, 2009



Glad to hear you liked the cleaners! I need an alternative to my current items. My biggest hassle area is laundry. I always think I am done, and then someone has to go and get dirty!!


Mine is definitely the microwave, you wouldn't believe the junk that can accumulate just after a few days, tea drinkers in my house, plus popcorn.
I don't really like to clean either, but I do like the feeling of a "just cleaned" house, of course that lasts about 2 mins.


I hate cleaning the floor, it just never stays clean, or maybe my vacuum is just really bad


Definitely the microwave. Not only is there caked on ick, but it's above our stove, which makes it incredibly awkward to scrub.


my biggest cleaning headache (aside from my kids rooms) is my white or cream kitchen colored linoleum floor. Argh. It's such a pain. One of those if I ever win the lottery I am going to replace that floor deals.


How shall I put this delicately. Boys + Bathroom = NASTY Why can't boys aim? And who said they could stand up doing it anyway!! Plain and simple - you just can't get that smell out easily from a boys bathroom, no matter how hard you try. Sometimes I think it must be on the ceiling - because no matter how hard you scrub, you can still smell it. (are there TARGETS up there?!)


It's a toss-up between the bathroom, particularly the sink, and the carpeted floor just outside the bathroom where my cats track litter all.day.long.


Vacuuming. Hate it. And I also have hardwood. So we have to vacuum, then mop. Because I have a 2.5 yo boy, that's why.

kelly smith

mine is the bathroom. Picture it: me, my husband, my mother, 2 teenage boys, 1 teenage girl and 1 pre teen and One thats right ONE bathroom....you cant even imagine what my bathrom looks like on any day or hour of the week


Bar none the laundry pile up followed by dirty dishes. I feel like I am constantly washing, loading, putting away. ACK!

Liz in Seattle

Gotta be the stovetop. I love my natural gas stove...way less expensive/more energy efficient/more precise. But doggone if gick doesn't accumulate faster. And because the stove is white, and the gick is not, pre-party kitchen scrubdowns are definitely tedious. And there are way more fumes than I like.


I really don't like to clean the toilet. There. I've said it. I also don't really like doing laundry. Ha!


Staying on top of the floors seems to be my trouble area...especially with four dogs! But it helps that my floors are tile and wood. :)


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