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August 04, 2009



Hubby is a computer engineer so I think it's still us. The oldest is only 8, but I'm sure a moment will come when they pass us. They can certainly make a mess of mine if they get to it without my help.


My son knows more about computers than I do, but I'm catching up!


When I did back to school shopping with my parents, it was at one department store and I have to get my clothes n the same place as men's shoes. SO far, my daughter and I have hit about 5 different stores with no stinky men stuff anywhere. Just screaming girls...

Beth Pendergist

My kids know definitely more about downloading pictures and videos, but we still have them beat when it comes to processors and memory! Of course, if you had asked about text messaging it would have been no contest!!

Rita A

I know more. I have no children but I do spend time with my nephew. He is real good at the xbox and wii but when it comes to computers he gets frustrated. He just wants to turn it on and get the game.

Rita A

Tweet http://twitter.com/drala625/status/3136128211


Definitely the kids. But I do type better (maybe because I learned the PROPER way with all 10 fingers:)


My daughter has learned more about computers in the last six months than I have learned in two years!!

In Due Time

I know more because I don't have children! LOL

I'm blogging/twittering about this contest tomorrow. (It's set to publish at midnight.)


My kids know more. *sigh*
You should have seen my 14 year old teaching me how to load podcasts on my iPod. I thought his eyes were going to roll right out of his head.


Hmmm. I don't see my original comment. I said it was a toss-up but I am willing to ask them for help and they will just figure it out for themselves even if I could help.

Butterfly Mama

I'm fairly certain that I'm still ahead of my kids on the computer, but they are only four and one! Give them a year or two and they'll probably be better!


My almost 13-year-old knows more than me, definately, but my husband does have him beat still. He is quickly following in his dad's footsteps, though ;-)


I definitely have the most computer knowledge in my house. The Hubs is learning a lot about hardware so he may overtake me in that department soon. My kids are still young enough that they are still just using the computer for minor surfing and gaming. My oldest is getting into graphic design so she's going to surpass me soon. Thanks for the chance to win. The Hubs and I both have Aspire Ones but there are certainly drawbacks with a netbook.


My 2-year old thankfully doesn't know more than me - yet. But he knows how to turn it on and off, turn up the volume and take off keys with his tiny fingers.


I think I still know more about them then my kiddos, but not for long I am sure!


I twittered! http://twitter.com/homeschoolinmom


I blogged as well, thank you!



I know more, but as a computer/software instructor - I better! I'm also freelance, though, and my PC laptop is old and decrepit. Great giveaway!!


My husband is a tech geek for a living, so I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say he knows the most!

Geri C

I am the current computer guru in my house and I still have lots to learn! My 10 yr old son is pulling up a close 2nd though and I'm sure he will soon surpass me as the computer man with the plan! I lost my 8 yr old desktop to a virus last year and am relying on a borrowed laptop for now. Would love to win this computer!

Geri C

Twittered it!



I am the kid (the 30 year old kid) and I KNOW MORE!!! :)

Joalyce Carranza

I definitely have the kids beat on computer knowledge...thank goodness!


All three of my kids know more than I do, but it's great to have them around when I have questions!


I tell my children they are DOOMED when it comes to computers. I am a hardware tech - all I do is build/fix/distribute computers and help people with broken software. I know every corner of the hard drive that my kids might try to hide things in. I know where they have been and when and WHO. I have fixed many a problem they have caused and removed file sharing software so many times they have just given up. So yup, it might be my only talent, but I'm up there with the 'ol pc. Sorry kids! Oh, and as far as winning this - oh my gosh... "I just build 'em, I can't afford 'em!" so WOW would that be awesome!


Tweeted too!

Joanna Orozco

My 2 1/2 year old can do anything on a PC. She finds things on there that not even if I went on a wild goose chase could I find. She is one smart cookie. (Computer joke) LOL


Since my son is still only three years old, I'm ahead of him (for the time being).


Thus far, I still know more than my kids, who are 8 and 3. However, Hubby is the one that rules the roost an this. I keep having to remind him that at work people actually think I'm quite computer literate. It's only at work that I apparently become a PC moron. So maybe it's not me?? Hmmm? LOL


I work in the IT department, so it would be me that knows more about computers. I am always surprised that my kids don't know more and ask me things that I think that they should know.

Amy W

I only know more because my oldest is only just turned 6. But I am sure that will change very shortly!

Getting ready to twitter this!


Husband and I both work in IT, so I think we are still in the lead, but the little ones are catching up fast!




At this point I still know more. However, my three year old can navigate a computer scary well.


Oh, I do for sure. I get paid to know about computers. But my 8 year old is catching up fast. My 4 year old has a bit longer, thank goodness.


I know more on computers then my kids...but they are catching up.

Heather W.

I sure hope I know more than my kids (they are 3 and 1 1/2) Every time I turn around one of them is is on it trying to type. So I'm sure it won't be long before they pass me. But hubby is definitely the computer person in our house.


I know more in my household, definitely. Though, my son immediately took to a pc at 1 1/2 yrs. old - loading up disks, going into "my computer" and running interactive kid's book programs. We were amazed.

3 people + 1 computer = desperate need of a laptop


My husband knows the most, but I am catching on! I think all 3 of my kids are pretty computer literate--you have to be in this day and age. I think my 4 year old has me beat in knowledge by a long shot though!


My almost 4 year old is savvy enough but still believes me when I say my laptop doesn't show youtube videos - only the desktop does. I wonder how long that will last. And I wonder how long my 5 year old laptop will last.

Beth A.

At this point, my husband and I know more about computers than our sons. BUT, this is probably only because our sons are 4 years old and 2.5 months old. :) As for who knows more about computers between my hubby and me...that's a toss-up. It depends on what we're doing. He knows all about the wireless system in our house, but I know more about navigating different places. Luckily we balance one another out!


It's a close contest still - but only because my kids are still little! Give them a year or two and they'll have me beat, I have no doubt.

Beth A.

I also blogged about your giveaway at crunchypenguin.com


Definitely me, and I always will - but only because it's what I love to do. But even though my kids are only 3 and 5, I can tell they're going to be sneaky about that stuff. *laugh*


I know more about computers than my kids, I'm the one who sets up the network, wireless internet, and bluetooth printer (my latest and greatest achievement, lol). And *whispering* my laptop is kinda on its last legs. *whimpers*


I am so lost without my laptop which died a few months ago. I liek to think that I know more about computers than my son does, but as of lately he is learning about all of the security aspects so he knows more than I do!


I definitely know more about computers than my kid -- but that could change at any moment. Then again, my daughter knows more about finger nail polish and tattoos...


If we are talking about in my household it would have to be me. But if we take into account that my daughter is married and out of our house, than it would be her, hands down! She has a computer endorsement from the University of Indianapolis.

Sabrina D.

Currently, it's me but then again my daughter is only 7, however the true computer guru in our house is my husband--he's been taking them apart and putting them back together (and building new systems) since his Apple IIC in the 80's!

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