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August 04, 2009



Since my husband is a computer engineer, he definitely wins hands down in this department. However when it comes down to me and my son, he gives me a good run for my money! We are probably are in a dead heat as far as knowledge about computers go.

carol  l~

My kids! My son is a computer tech for a living.

Sarah Mitchell

My son knows much more than I do. It's good to have a geek in the house!


Though at the moment I know more, it's only a matter of time before my baby outdoes me. She already shows an alarming fascination with my laptop, and has figured out that you slide your fingers on the touchpad but poke at the keys. Computer genius in the making!


The kids always seem to be more knowledgable about the computer than me.

sarah d.

If I ever have issues with my computer or cell phone I had it over to my 10 year old daughter. She'll fix it but never explains how she did it.


I would like to believe I know more about computers, but my daughter is really tech smart with some software programs and could teach me a few tricks.

Jeanette H.

I know more about computers then my kids. They are 14 & 11 but neither really has much interest in the computer except every once in a while.

Thank you for the GREAT giveaway!!

R  Hicks

I am amazed at how much the kids do know about computers, but I still know more about them. Partly because my work is with computers. Its always wise to stay one step ahead of them.

R  Hicks


R  Hicks

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Oh my kids know more about computers by far. It is really depressing. We call my daughter human google because she can look up something in seconds. Someone will just offhandedly mention that they need to look up the number for something, or the menu of something, or anything like that and she will have it up and ready to go. I wish I was as taltented as she is with computers.


My tweet http://twitter.com/DJanMom/status/3674553854

Trish Gannon

My son always cleans my computer messes since I can't.


I blogged about this giveaway http://janmcdsweepsandgiveaways.blogspot.com/2009/08/laptop-giveaway-intel-aspire.html


I know more..but then I am a school librarian who has has a mess of computers of all shapes and sizes over the years.


that would be me





I am but that just comes from me going back to get my master's degree. Going to college I've had to learn to be very proficient in computer skills because it is something that every college course requires these days. I had to learn to put together a power point presentation, all of the style things with Word, and from there I just became more and more comfortable dealing with a computer every day.


My tweet http://twitter.com/LindzCS/status/3675881692


My blog http://sweepstakesjunkiegiveawayaficionado.blogspot.com/2009/08/scrutiny-of-masses-intel-laptop.html


Definitely me, but my kids are still in diapers so it is to be expected! I'm sure some day it will be the other way around.

Donna  K

I know more about computers now, but they are catching up quickly.

Angela Palmer

My 15 year old son and I are pretty close. He knows more about gaming and such, but I can take one apart and put it back together while he's still taking the case off.

Laura Griggs

the kids know way more than I


Not me. I'm really not computer efficient. It makes me very sad to admit this. But I'm learning!


Here's my tweet http://twitter.com/Lstixrud/status/3676399064


My blog http://colitascorner.blogspot.com/2009/08/win-laptop.html


I'm more advanced for right now, but I can definitely see the tides changing dramatically quickly. Its a little depressing.


I'm a computer geek so there are very few people in the world who are better with computers than I am. But some of these hacker kids coming up out there are shocking adept!

Gabriel J.

We try to have everything ready the night before so that we do not waste previous time in the morning. My mom was forcing me already to do so and I am doing it with my own kids!

Can Can (Mom Most Traveled)

My kids are 2 and 4 so I hope I know more about computers, but even the preschooler can play computer games online like at LegoClub.com (his fave!)

Diane C

I used to think I knew more about computers but I am definitely starting to think it is my ss's for sure!

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