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August 04, 2009



Blogged here: http://momsfocusonline.com/acer-aspire-timeline-as3810t-6415.html


Well, I think I know more right now, but my 10 year old son is catching up quickly. I do a lot of computer related stuff at work, so that helps me stay a little ahead :) Thank you!!!

Leslie D.

I think that I know more than my daughter and husband. My daughter would like to think that she does, but sadly, she is wrong (lol). Thanks for the giveaway!

Geoff K

I'd have to say at this point I do -- I minored in computer science in college and have acquired a fair bit of knowledge with several applications and in navigating my way around the web, but believe me - even though the kids are young they're quickly catching up with me! In fact we're beginning to teach each other our favorite techniques, websites, shortcuts, etc., so it's definitely becoming an even game. Thanks for the giveaway!


Geoff K

I tweeted about the giveaway: http://twitter.com/guettel78/status/3660401990



I don't have my own kids, but I definitely know more than my 15-month-old nephew (but not for long I think.)


Tweeted http://twitter.com/ThriftyJinxy/status/3660427042

Geoff K

I blogged about the giveaway: http://slavetoacademia.blogspot.com/2009/08/acer-aspire-laptop-giveaway-at-scrutiny.html



Blogged about your giveaway: http://winwithjinxy.blogspot.com/2009/08/win-acer-aspire-timeline-as3810t-6415.html

Patricia C

My kids think they know more about computers, but they don't. Actually they think they know more about anything than I do. I know more than they do about computers


I know more about the computer than anyone else in the family.


My daughter knows more any tech question and she is the one I call on, She showed me how to use twitter

Robert R

oh I definitely know more about computers than my kids since its part of my job...but they are indeed pretty smart and am impressed at how well they do at such a young age

Christy Schultz

I know more about computers, but they know far more about gaming systems than I do.


My kids are in their 20s and are both more computer savvy than I am. Sad thing is that my 6 year old grandson isn't far behind!!


I tweeted this giveaway!


Thanks for the giveaway... There is no question that I have a better grasp of computers than my kids; that could change when they finish college but as of yet I am the go-to person when they have difficulty with various apps, downloading files, preparing powerpoint presentations, etc.

senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com


I don't have any kids but I wouldn't doubt that if I did they would know much more than I do!


My kids know more than I do but my husband works in IT so he knows more than all of us.

Michelle Lane

I know more about computers! LOL. This little computer would be great to win :). Thanks for hosting this giveaway!



Anne G

I know more than my kids. Of course I have a degree in computer engineering, so I ought to know more than them.


As of right now, I know more about the actual working of the computer than my 12 year old. If you factor in World of Warcraft all bets are off!


My kids are still young, so I think that I do. But I do know that will change quickly.


If it was not for my boyfriend I would say kids but since he has a college degree and works in computers it is now me!

Bekee Mozzillo

I think I know a little more about computers... but I still yell for my husband when something goes wrong... now, the Wii... that's a totally different story!! My kids say things like "oh, mom... just let me get it started, then I'll give you the wii-mote".

Nadine L

My kid, hands down. I can get around my computer, but my daughter is the one that helps when something doesn't go right.


I know a lot about computers and hubby knows even more so I THINK we will always know more! :)

Sue S

I do, but I'm sure he will in a few years.

Crystal F

For right now I do but only because my girls are still young. I give my oldest daughter 2 or 3 years and I'm sure she will. lol Thank you!


I would have to say my husband and myself, but my 3 year old is catching up on the computer knowledge.

Anne G

I tweeted about the giveaway, http://twitter.com/lunaj1456/statuses/3667071369


Thanks for the chance! My kids are in college now, but believe it or not I am just as computer savy as they are! LOL

Debra Davis

My kids know so much more than me, its almost intimidating!! We got a virus once and my son came in and clicked a few buttons and fixed it right away....I am still amazed!


I know more about setting up and repairing computers - my kids know more about computer applications.

Anne G

I blogged about the giveaway http://wp.me/pjj6t-b


I think it's a toss-up! I know enough about them to keep them running and troubleshoot when things go wrong, but they seem to know all the tricks and even some bells and whistles I've never heard of!

Sheila Branyon

Definately my "kids" (who are 34 and 28)and have been using computers since 2nd grade) And I love when I ask them to help me do something on the computer and they say "move" and take over my puter and do it so fast that I didnt see what they did. Um I was trying to learn how to do that.


I tweeted here

susan p

me for now, lol- till they get a little older

margie hanks

my kids definitely know more than i do. i have to ask them all the time how to do things. they say gosh mom its so simple!

Sharon Seneker

Well my husband knows more that any of us! We just have a shared pc! I would love a laptop! Thanks! senekers@comcast.net


My kids definitely know more about computers than I do. They know about all technology more than we do. My daughter taught me how to text message, our son in law set up on HGTV, and when I was job searching my daughter had to help me navigate the internet. It's kind of sad.


Tweet of giveaway http://twitter.com/DannyRMcD/status/3669475606


I posted your giveaway on my site:

joanna smith

Through years of experience I have to say my husband and I know much more about computers than our young children. Our son is just learning how to use one and it is a truly magical time for us because watching his wonderment and excitement about every little things he learns and does on the computer just makes me beam and smile from ear to ear! To have this Intel Acer Aspire in our home would be amazing because we would teach him all his computer skills on it in any room in the house where right now we are limited to our old PC which is a desktop style sitting on a table in our family room. My husband and I are very proficient on the computer and are excited about teaching all 3 of our kids how to use them! Thank you so much for the chance to enter.

joanna smith

I sent out a tweet:


joanna smith

I Blogged about this giveaway on my blog:


Tara W

I know more than my nieces, but I expect that to change anyday now.

Alan D

I know more. Adults are smarter than kids. haha! Thank you.

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