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November 02, 2010



Kiddo has gotten his flu shot. Hubby and I haven't yet. We were always vaccinated. Mom had a cousin who had to spend time in an iron lung due to Polio so I'm pretty sure that was part of her insistence on vaccinations. When we went overseas to Africa, we got lots of shots. We also saw lots of babies die from simple things easily prevented.

I need to get my shots updated however.


I did get my flu shot this year, and both my kids have been vaccinated. Just working on convincing my stubborn husband now... I think I'm up to date on my other vaccinations, but I'll have to check - thanks for the nudge!


Great post, Carmen!

This is one bloggy circuit I wish I'd been on!

We're all slated to get our flu shots this week. (My husband is really on my case to get it done!!)

becky dunnell

i got my flu shot (as usual) and am grateful this year's shot includes h1n1 so there is not a second vaccine needed.

i know my tetanus is within the timeline they suggest because i had it in 2005 before a mission trip -- not sure if i am "due" for any other vaccines...


I get a DTaP every 10 years, which not only covers tetanus but also pertussis (whooping cough). Thank God; a baby died in CA from it last week, and they knew her mom was the carrier.

Like you, I believe in vaccinations, and I end up arguing with people over the flu shot more than the ever-controversial MMR. I give the flu shot to my kids, without hesitation, every year, and I get it myself. Because I didn't get the H1N1 vaccine in time last year, H1N1 attacked my lungs, leading to pneumonia, and I've now lost 1/3 of my left lung to scarring. When people throw stats at me about how the flu vax doesn't cover all of the viruses, and all the complications that may happen, and how likely their kid would be the one to die, I say: Look at me. I almost died. I may need a lung transplant someday. And it's from the flu. I was a perfectly healthy 30-something woman. If you think it can't happen to you, you're wrong -- because look at me.

They don't listen anyway.

I'm grateful to you and to the other bloggers who took the time to be well-informed. I respect everyone's right to choose whether or not to vaccinate (with optional things like the flu -- I actually don't like the opt-out for the main vaxes, but that's another thing...) -- but I don't respect the amount of misinformation being perpetuated. It's nice to see some of the record set straight.

Headless Mom

We don't get flu shots but we've all been vaccinated for the regular stuff. Hubby even got the whooping cough booster in the spring. I'm a big believer in vaccinations!


I definitely vaccinate. I have been known to request a spacing out of some shots for my kids when they have been cheduled to get 4+ shots in a single check up. I got boosters when I started college and I have gotten flu shots the past few years. Added bonus - last year my son was able to get a nasal spray flu vaccine and my baby got a drop under the tongue in place of one of his shots last time. The pediatrician told me that they are trying to move away from injections whenever possible.

I have heard the autism/vaccine debate (who hasn't?) but I believe that while these children may very well have been affected by their vaccinations, they are also genetically predisposed to have an increased sensitivity to the vaccines. I am very fortunate in that my children have not been adversely affected. I always worry about the non-vaccinated children with the airport scenario - if you are in an airport and you come into contact with someone from another country who was not vaccinated and is a carrier for an awful disease, you could be in serious trouble!

I also think there needs to be more research done on autism, period. For something so widespread it seems like there is not a whole lot of research going on. Off soapbox now! :)

Emily C

I'm a believer in vaccinating.

But I don't get the flu shots for my kids because of a freakish and crippling (chronic disease) reaction my husband had to a flu shot when he was younger.

That being said, I'm glad when my friends get flu vaccines for their kids, and I'm considering getting it myself this year.


I was always a proponent of vaccines, I got them when I was in grade school and I made sur emy son got them. Funny thing though he got the chicken pox right before the vaccine came out and he passed it on to me, since I never had the chicken pox. between the both of us I missed a whole month of work. It wouldn't have been so bad if we were home in the states but I was stationed overseas with the hubby and there was nothing to do. I couldn't go outside because of infecting someone and my husband was gone for 6 months!!! UGH

I dont do the flu shot. Never had, I figured once I get the flu and feel how bad it is I might rethink it. My son can get one if he wants.

Karen at A Glimpse Into My Reveries

I, too, gave serious, serious thought to whether or not to vacinate my babies after reading all the literature and being scared by all the possible, though rare, side effects.

I mentioned my concern to my grandmother who was a (by then retired) registered nurse and a dietician. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said if I had ever held a baby in my arms as it died of whopping cough, there'd be no doubt in my mind as to vacinate.

This advice was from a woman who spent a year in an iron lung because of polio, who was never supposed to be able to breathe on her own again, much less learn to walk again, return to school, or be able to bear children!

In our family, we vacinate!


My MMR lapsed apparently 4 years ago and I picked up German Measles somewhere along the way (we had been on vacation in the Outer Banks, NC when I became sick). I wouldn't wish the illness I had on my worst enemy. I was sick as a dog for two straight weeks - couldn't get out of bed, rash all over my back, arms, neck & torso, fever, chills. I had four small children to take care of and a husband who had to go back to work. Thank God I wasn't pregnant or exposed to somebody who was when I got sick and didn't know what I had! I know this discussion is about children, but for those of you who are older than 35, you may want to get yourself a booster shot. They don't last forever!


We are/have vaccinate/d the kids for the regular stuff. And my husband insisted we do H1N1. But we're not too keen on the flu shot. I had never had a flu shot then in 2005 I did and I was never so sick! My mom (who is 76) has to have flu and pneumonia shots. I had a tetanus and something else booster in 2008 when I was in the hospital after my 2nd baby. So I am somewhat up to date.

Thanks for the indepth reporting!


i do shots too. and now the flu shot! my niece died from H1N1 in June of 2009. She did have another medical condition; she was pregnat. They saved the baby but not her. It was heartbreaking. SO YES we get the flu shots!!

A Simple Twist of Faith

Thanks for the reminder, I need to schedule vaccinations for my girls and me this week. Unfortunatley, my husband doesn't think he will NEVER get sick. suallu


We do all the shots, including the chicken pox. I have never had the chicken pox, so the last thing I want is one of my kids to come down with it and give it to me. We are going tomorrow to get the flu shot. And if you knew my daughter (age 14) and her fear of needles, you would realize how big of a deal that is in this house. She will scream and cry more than anyone I have ever seen. Which is truly why she gets the flu mist, but God help us when they run out of it.


We vaccinate but we did it on a delayed schedule. I just don't like the thought of pumping everything in to my kid at once. We've never done the flu vaccine because, honestly, we've just never thought about it. With Tall Child's newly diagnosed asthma and her tendency towards spending all winter sick, I think it might be a good year to look at that.


I've never had the flu. I get a flu shot because I work at a hospital and it's mandatory unless you have a medical or religious reason to get an exemption. I agree that it should be mandatory for health care workers. However, I almost never get sick. I get a cold that sometimes morphs into a sinus infection or bronchitis about once every nine months. In college, I worked at an elementary school and got sick several times the first year and almost never again. I'm not an expert on the immune system, but I do think it's natural and good for a person to get sick occasionally. I would *never* advocate for a parent to skip the MMR series, and I also am a big believer in the meningitis vaccine. But wonder if giving healthy people with healthy lungs the flu shot and then using all these sanitizers and antibacterial products is really helping us. Seems like more diseases and allergies are just cropping up in their place. So, I wish I could just be allowed to get the flu one year.

Liz Ditz

Hi Mom!

You may not know that the promoters of infectious disease (AKA anti-vaccinationists) Joe Mercola and Barbara Lo Fisher declared Nov. 1-6 "Vaccine Awareness Week". Many science/skeptic bloggers responded with gusto.

As I often do, I compiled a list:


I've added your post.

Your readers might want to read a few of the posts.


I HAVE to get a flu shot at my work. That started last year. But (and this sounds terrible) since we get them for free at work I have always gotten them. Last year I was worried b/c of all the hype. I actually didn't want to do it. But I did and it was all fine. Haven't done the kids yet, but one in particular NEEDS it due to reactive airway... thanks for the reminder.

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