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November 15, 2010


donna moore

I try not to deny myself of the wonderful sweets that seem to abound around me at the holidays. I select my ultimate favorites - usually something that would be a great treat and have just a tasting sample. This way I do not feel limited and overindulge in the end but still get to satisfy my craving for a sweet treat.
I also try to add walking into my day and free dance with the kids to festive holiday music.


I try to walk a little extra every day. I can't say no to all indulgences, but I will try NOT to have a drink, an appetizer and also dessert. Maybe just 2 out of 3 :) There's mostly no choice but to park far away from the mall this time of year, and that helps squeeze in some extra walking, too!

Headless Mom

There is a street locally that has the most/best over-the-top light/decoration displays. Walking it during the day and in the evening with the kids is a great way to get/keep moving!


Only eat what you really love and if you try something and it isn't that good, you don't have to finish it.


Ooh, right up my alley. I try to eat a good meal with lots of veggies before going to a party, so I'll be too full to eat too many goodies. And anytime we go to a potluck or some place where we bring part of the meal, I make sure it's a salad, raw veggie tray, or something else low in fat/calories.


Around the holidays, I definitely need to plan ahead to keep my weight under control. Stepping it up on my excercise plan and making sure I eat something full of protein to satisfy me before making cookies and sweets so that I don't have to "sample" them too much are some of my strategies.

Young Wife

I make sure I eat plenty of vegetables and protein before I start in on dessert.

Emily C

I think that the most important thing is to only splurge on the special occasions. Eat a sensible breakfast, not leftover beef stick (my personal weakness).

The other trick I remember is, "I can have it, just halve it". I can have a piece of pie! Just eat half of a regular slice instead of the whole thing.

If I really am watching my weight, at a party I'll limit myself to one or two half-portions to resist sampling everything.


How about power shopping at the mall? Can't stop to buy a present until you make 2 circuits around at top speed. Plus, after a while you're doing it with bags on each arm.


I just try to keep it in moderation, small portions, little bites, eat slow and try and drink lots of water. Of course, now
this year I'm starting off with more poundage than usual, so I think I need to exercise more....


On those days when temptations abound I have a spoonful of whatever I want. It's enough to get that first "oooh" taste and yet small enough where I don't worry so much. I also do something exercise related every day, whether it be an hour of yoga or walking, biking or dancing. And there's nothing more fun than putting your ibuds in and dancing around the house while cleaning, cooking or for just plain fun!


Honestly? I just say screw it and enjoy the indulgence... I'll deal with the poundage in the sprng :)

A Simple Twist of Faith

Exercise, exercse, exercise...


I haven't done very well with this in the past. Using weight watchers points right now, and am hoping that will see me thru the holidays


MODERATION! And a bit of extra cardio works for me. We enjoy ourselves with just a hint of moderation. And then hit the gym at 6 AM.


I'm keeping a food journal to make sure I don't go over on calories.


I find if I set an exercise goal for the week I am much more likely to stay on track. For example, exercise three times a week... its measurable so i usually get it in. Also, every Monday I step on the scale. This keeps me from obesessing, but helps me stay aware of the pounds and not be surprised. As for food-- choose only the most delicious item to sample.


I love to see all of the Holiday decorations that are hung/placed outside this time of year. So my family and I take several extra walks each week to scope out the decorations. To keep things interesting, we vary our routes, and occasionally, we drive to new neighborhoods.

Krissy M

Avoid all those yummy dips at the holiday parties. The sour cream, mayo, and cream cheese really add up!
Too bad they're my favorite!

Tyler Reavis

I tend to make better food choices when I keep track of everything I eat in my food journal (actually an app on my phone). Drink lots of water. And hey, it IS the holidays...indulge just a little bit. :)

Susan Smith

I keep to my exercise routine and try to fill up on protein and vegetables and then have a small amount of goodies

Deborah Knutson

There are so many natural non-sugar sweeteners out there now, it should be easy to enjoy a few treats. I just plan to make a few low cal treats to keep my sweet tooth satisfied, and take the dog for an extra walk after meals..


I am somewhat careful when eating all the holiday goodies but I really don't worry about it until after the holidays to concentrate on being fit.

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Libby's Library News

I'm afraid that I'm the one that need tips...as I need to lose about 100 lbs. The holidays are so hard. I'm usually the one that does that majority of the cooking, and it's been a long standing tradition for me to back dozens, and dozens of cookies *sigh*

Thanks so very much for this wonderful giveaway. I really hope I win, as this would be a real help in paying for my Service Dog's medical treatment.

Mary M

When the holidays come around it is the time to open weight watchers recipes and start cooking.
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Mary M

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Jean D.

I have a "two-thirds/one-third" rule for my dinner plate. The entree, whatever it happens to be, can take up 1/3 of the plate. The remaining 2/3rds of the plate is filled with vegetables and fruit. This is a simple no-weighing no-measuring food plan that works for me.

Jean D.

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Beth A.

I try to let myself have 1 treat daily (more than normal...but still manageable). Other than that, when loading my plate at holiday dinners, I try to make sure I can still SEE the plate under the food. :)

Cheri M.

I'd love to say I'm a fountain of willpower during the holidays but...um...I'm not. I try to only indulge in treats that I really, really love (and those things that I only get once a year). I consider it a good year if I only gain a pound or two :)

Jennifer B

Um. Yeah. I have never been able to not put on a pound or 4, but I think that this year I will try small bites of what I want. then walk away. I found that depriving myself only makes the desire worse.


I try not to eat until I'm soooo over-full ... and to keep up with my morning exercise. I also try to stay away from all of the eating-events at the office. Candy bowls, cakes, you name it, almost every afternoon. It's exhausting.


If I'm craving something- I have it- just a small portion and then make sure I eat "healthy" as much as possible.

I'm also starting to use the ski-machine after my child heads to school for about 10-15 minutes each morning.

Jenn W

I try to walk the dog often and for long periods of time. It benefits both of us....believe me!


I like going for walks when the weather is not too cold. But I move to the treadmill if it gets too bad.


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Cathy W

I do a lot of walking, usually two long walks a day, early in the morning and again after dinner.
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Cathy W

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Jody John

We try to do a lot of walking during the holidays - which in MN may not be much....otherwise my kiddos and I have a dance party...we play lots of fun music and just dance!

Thanks for the chance to win!


I eat what I want, don't hog out, plus I try to walk/eliptical/bike before and after any big eating day.

Vicky C

I am far from fit, but I have been losing weight. I am trying to stay on track during the holidays by continuing to workout and by remembering that I don't need to indulge EVERY DAY as I did in the past.

Tabathia B

I stop eating after 8 pm and limit dessert especially during the holidays and walk daily with kids so that they will be healthy also
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Tabathia B

tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com


I tend to park further away from the store even than necessary. It gives me a little extra exercise and hey.. there is always someone who needs a closer parking spot than I do!


Drink lots of water- you'll be less likely to over indulge on all those tasty goodies if you're well hydrated! Also, try to stay active! My son and my dog help to keep me moving.


Keep away from the fried foods and maybe get in a extra 20 minute cardio session before getting ready for any event. The exercise makes me think before I indulge.


This year is easier for me. I'm chasing a toddler around, which keeps me pretty active.

In addition, we're blessed with gorgeous weather here in Florida, so we try to take regular family walks to stay active, as well as to take some time out from the chaos of family get-togethers and quiet ourselves a bit.

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